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    Dashboard: Be able to click on the number and it open the list
    Would like to be able to click on the numbers indicated in the dashboard summary and have it open to the larger summary of each transaction.
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    Invoice Default Payment type
    Would be nice to have a setting where we could default the payment type on new invoices going out.
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    Widget for Shared Folders
    I am a coach. I have many handouts I share in a folder with clients. Would like to place them in the dashboard with a widget to make them easily accessible.
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    Invoices Widget - Include Client Name
    Show clients name. Right now its vague unless I manually type in their name in the note are for it to show on the widget. You should have a client name field you can pull in automatically.
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    Note Editor Inside Client Area
    As a coach I have my clients write vision statements and set goals. It is really useful to have a note editor inside a portal to accommodate this need. Currently I use noteJoy and love it for this reason: https://share.getcloudapp.com/5zuX8ZZZPlease consider something like this or build an API with NoteJoy to add it inside our portal. Thanks
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    Marketplace For Add Ons
    Seems there are a LOT of feature in this portal that could be address much faster with API integration until SuiteDash can build their own features. Proposals, Video Conferencing, Conditional Logic Forms, Chats, Calendars, Etc. I wonder if it would just not be smarter to focus on the API and build a marketplace so vendors could sell us products we want that are already polished. Then as time goes by SuiteDash can decide what to build in based on usage of these tools. I'd like to see this product be a open platform for other vendors to link into.
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    Vectera Video Conferencing
    Vectera is interested in connecting their platform into SuiteDash. What an amazing feature that would bring to my client portal.
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    Dashboard for Task & Projects
    As a coach I suggest homework to clients. Would be nice if I could have a widget that allows me to see the # of projects outstanding and the # of task outstanding in those projects with my clients. I would like to click on the number and it opens the task or projects, depending on the number in the window I click on.
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    Folder Widget For Clients
    I am a coach with a lot of handouts. Would love a widget to display at the open folder level so they can see a list of handouts available to them. This will make it easier for my clients to know where to go for support and encourage them to come back to the portal more often. To add to this. I would like the option to send an automatic email to anyone assigned to the folder to let them know a new upload is waiting for them.
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    Widget For "My Projects"
    I was surprised not to see this widget available. If I have a dashboard I want an overview of my projects. That would seem logical based on it being a project management tool. On that widget I want to be able to click on the project and open it to look for updates with my clients.