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Client Portal Software for a Tax Prep Practice / Office can dramatically improve the Client Experience

When it comes to handling a client’s tax returns, financial statements and other sensitive documentation, the tax accounting professional has an obligation to provide tools to keep those documents and data secure during any electronic transfer of that information.

Over the past years, email has been shown to be not only very insecure but also the primary delivery vehicle in almost every known malware attack, from phishing to the most serious which is ransomware.

For this reason, you as a tax prep office should never consider emailing tax returns, financial statements, etc… As you are exposing your clients and yourself to potential exposure to a security breach.

This is where a secure client portal software and tremendously benefit your practice in terms of professionalism, security, and convenience.

Client Portal benefits

With a secure client portal, you can provide unique login credentials to each client, and when they log into the portal, they are able to download files, upload files, communicate via secure messaging, and view any reports or updates that you provide for them uniquely.

Each client can have a completely unique experience, and there’s no danger of one client seeing something that was intended for another client. Every session is authenticated and encrypted, so all of these interactions with your clients are 100% secure, which satisfies your professional requirement, and give confidence to your clients that you value their privacy and security.

Tax Practice Offices are perfectly suited to take advantage of client portal software due to the very nature of the sensitive data & documents that are involved, and because of the need to exchange documents frequently.

Give your Clients a secure and self-service way to access their tax returns

Do your clients call you over and over asking for copies of previous year’s returns sent to them so that they can apply for a mortgage or business loan, etc…?

Of course, they do! This is a primary area where you can streamline your operations by implementing a tax practice client portal. Each client has a unique folder where you place the returns. You’re even able to set up structure inside that folder that fits your needs (2018, 2019, 2020, etc… ), and then your clients will have the ability at any time of the day, any day of the week, to be able to login navigate to those folders and download their returns, all without sending you an email or calling your tax preparation office.

This is just one of the benefits of a client portal for a tax practice office.

100% White Label lets you promote YOUR brand!

When you ask your clients to create an account and login to a software platform that is obviously not YOU, you then introduce an element of mistrust and apprehension. SuiteDash gives you the ability to completely “White Label” brand the environment (from the login page, to the email notifications, to the logged-in environment) in a way that your tax prep client will never know or even think about the source of the software. All they will know when they are using your White Label Branded Client Portal is how impressed they are with how professional you look, and how secure they feel when they login to your portal.

Your clients will feel right at home in your professional & secure Branded Client Portal

Create your White Label Branded Client Portal, and give your clients a seamless experience that compliments your branding.  Using our intuitive logo, color & custom menu options to design a layout that matches your organization’s professional identity.

Capability to create a custom URL

We even provide an automated tool that will allow you to map your own domain name to your Portal so that even the SuiteDash URL will be replaced with yours. Notice in this example that even the Title tag and the Favicon have been customized, and this is easily done using the SuiteDash interface. See an EXAMPLE HERE. This level of White Label Customization is unparalleled in the software world, and gives your tax prep client’s a truly authentic and secure experience as they interact with your brand.

Fully Customizable Email Notifications

Creating branded emails has never been easier. Quickly add your company’s logo, change the layout to your colors and even add your social media profiles. You can continue the branding throughout the layout and design of the email notifications with the subject line, body text, and footer along with being able to change your ‘From’ name and ‘From’ email to better fit your company.

Consolidate your processes & save BIG on software costs

SuiteDash is the ultimate All-in-One Business Software multi-tool, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to streamline and automate their systems & processes. Essential business tools are elegantly consolidated into a single pre-integrated and inter-automated platform 😎 Say goodbye to expensive & inefficient jumbles of “one-trick pony” software.

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