It didn’t exist, so we built it!

Here’s the problem…

There are many useful tools on the market for project management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file management, email marketing, and more. However, they all act as separate entities, and each one has it’s own recurring subscription, each more expensive than the last! Trying to run a business using a multitude of online services and software can be a drain, both on your energy and your finances.

… and the solution

SuiteDash was built to be the ONE Dashboard® where you can login to run your entire business, every aspect from start to finish. With all of these functions under one roof, SuiteDash allows you to easily integrate your projects with your invoices, your client portals with your email campaigns, and easily migrate information from one section for use in another.

The completed package is a fully integrated tool that handles all of your business needs, from one place, one login, and one reasonable monthly subscription.

Oh, and did we mention that you can 100% customize the environment with your branding?

Plus the professionalism of a fully branded environment

With all of the tools you need to run your business in ONE Dashboard®, another important aspect to consider is how your clients see everything.

From the colors of the menus, to the logo on the login page, even down to the URL of the installation itself, every detail builds towards the larger goal of making your clients say “WOW”. While we pride ourselves on the style and usability of our UI, sometimes it may not fit your particular business scheme, or you may simply want a different look.

Every aspect of the UI is customizable, from the colors of menus, to the SuiteDash logo on the login page which you can replace with your business logo.

Biggest of all, our Custom Domain feature allows you to fully mask and rebrand the default “” URL, to your own subdomain of your site. With this powerful feature, you can easily setup “” to be the go-to link for all users in your installation, including clients.

Combine that with the other customization tools, and you can easily create a dashboard that is completely branded to your business, giving your online services an air of professionalism that your clients will definitely notice and appreciate (for a fraction of the cost of an inferior service elsewhere).

The value is easy to see

With all of this in mind, the inherent value of SuiteDash is easy to realize. Simply from a time perspective, learning to use one system is intrinsically easier and less time consuming than learning five, six, or even ten(!) different platforms and tools.

Couple that with our incredibly low monthly subscription compared to tools that do only a fraction of the work, and the powerful white label branding capabilities, and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that SuiteDash is in a league all it’s own in terms of value.

The end result is a professional looking, powerful, affordable tool that will impress clients and employees alike.

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