SuiteDash Integrations


Integration between SuiteDash and Zapier means performing redundant actions in multiple places is a thing of the past. Connecting your SuiteDash account in one location means you can perform a multiple of actions across the web, all from your Dashboard. Easily have SuiteDash Clients synced to your Gmail contacts, have Tasks automatically created in Asana, have Invoices generated inside Freshbooks, and much more. With the interconnected nature of Zapier, the possibilities are nearly limitless! We are very happy to have built-in integration with their service.

QuickBooks Online

Easily connect your QuickBooks Online account with your SuiteDash installation, and whenever you create an Estimate or Invoice, or track a payment, in SuiteDash, that data will automatically be synced and logged in your QuickBooks Online dashboard. Client data is automatically pulled over as well, so you can easily view any SuiteDash Estimates, Invoices, and payments in either SuiteDash or QuickBooks Online, and be confident that it all matches up. Integration is as simple as logging in, and you’ll be up and running and synced in a matter of minutes.

Google Calendar

Each member of your Staff can sync their SuiteDash calendar to their Google Calendar. This means whenever a Task or Event is assigned to your Team, they will show not only on their SuiteDash calendar, but those Tasks/Events will also be replicated in their Google Calendar. If these Tasks/Events are modified, moved or deleted, those changes are also reflected on the Google Calendar side.


If your website is built on the WordPress framework, you can seamlessly integrate SuiteDash using our free Client Portal Direct Login plugin, available for download and installation from the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin adds a simple customizable login form to your WordPress site, which allows you and your clients to login to your SuiteDash installation directly from your site, entirely bypassing the normal SuiteDash login page. Coupled with Branded Environments, the transition from your site to SuiteDash can be made seamless.


Ensure that all of your Email Marketing Campaigns are delivered successfully, by integrating SendGrid sending services. An optional add-on for the SuiteDash Email Marketing functionality (priced at an add-on fee of $20/month), we will setup and configure a dedicated IP address for sending your emails, only used by you and no other customer, with a standard allowance of 10,000 email sends per month. SendGrid is the best in the business when it comes to mass email delivery, and integrating with them will ensure that your clients will always receive any Marketing emails you send.

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