SuiteDash Certified Wizards


SuiteDash Wizarding Sessions
Let us show you the magic of SuiteDash!

Fast-track your workflow + white-labeling success with the help of SuiteDash Certified Wizards!

SuiteDash Wizarding Sessions

Board the SuiteDash Express for a face-to-face meeting with your own personal Wizard via the teleporting powers of the legendary Zoom portal.

During these 45 minute Sessions, your Wizard will help guide you through the early days of your SuiteDash journey. Your personal Wizard will listen to your needs, identify workflows and help create an action plan that will protect you from the dementors of confusion & doubt. Although Wizards are expressly forbidden from using their powers directly in your account, they can help you learn the spells that make magic happen!

ONE Wizarding Session is FREE when you log into your Free Trial & upgrade to THRIVE

TWO Wizarding Sessions are FREE when you log into your Free Trial & upgrade to PINNACLE

And, if you need additional training, you can purchase additional Sessions at a very reasonable ‘a la carte’ price.

(max 5 per customer, limit 1 per week)
Schedule Wizarding Sessions from your Manage Account menu. Available only to paid SuiteDash customers.