Updates Log

Fourth Quarter, 2020

White Label Loading Animations

Use your own custom icon or text as the loading animation, or choose from a variety of presets

Change the size, color, and animation of your custom icon

Adjust the background color and opacity, and even the end animation (fade, slide, grow, etc.)

Deal Stages Pipeline

Track key metrics during a sales process through stages

Four different view styles to choose from to monitor the pipeline from all angles

Drag-and-drop Deals cards to different stages in a Kanban-style interface

Keep your sales team organized and focused as you track opportunities

Forecast revenue and business growth, and receive insight to drive new initiatives

Third Quarter, 2020


Design & send beautifully formatted Proposals

Your prospective Clients can view online without being logged in

Proposals can be converted directly into an Invoice for immediate payment

Acceptance of the Proposal can trigger any number of automations, including a Contract Signing

Kanban Project View

Optimize your workflow with one of the most popular project management techniques

Card-based system that helps you visualize status and progress, and spot potential problems

Easily drag and drop cards to switch between columns, automatically updating its information to match

Two types of Kanban are available, Status View and Assignee View

Dark Mode

Switch any theme to light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background

Easily switch Dark Mode on or off anywhere in the platform at any time

Reduce eye fatigue and improve readability with better contrast

Dark Mode available for all users in the platform

Second Quarter, 2020

On-boarding & On-Demand FLOWs

Automatically trigger a FLOW for a new Client to complete before access to the Portal

Have your Client eSign Contracts, fill out forms, upload files and more in an automated sequence

Activate an Onboarding FLOW after self-registration or a bulk CRM import

Layer the FLOW with triggered Actions, for the ultimate experience in onboarding automation

Notification Center

Receive real-time notifications when Messages/Actions occur

Each time a user logs in, they will be able to review their notifications to get a sense of what has taken place since the last time they were logged in

Users will be able to ‘Mark as read’ and/or delete notifications so they can easily know which notifications are new and which they have already seen

Appointment Scheduling Toolkit

Prospects/Clients can book Appointments

Multiple Appointment Types can be set. This allows each Staff member to be uniquely available to be booked, complete with a personalized custom schedule that works for them.

Appointments show on both the Staff member’s Calendar and on the Prospect/Client’s Calendar

Client or Staff can easily cancel Appointments if needed


Trigger / Actions Automations

Stop doing everything manually, and harness the power of Automation!

A purpose-built toolkit that gives you IF THIS, THEN THAT functionality. Build automated workflows that maximize efficency and increase your bottom line profits!

Trigger a customizable Action sequence each time a Project Phase is complete

Trigger a customizable Action sequence each time a Project wraps up

* PINNACLE Plan only

First Quarter, 2020

Dynamic Link Placeholders

Easily Build Dashboards with Dynamic Placeholders

Dashboard Links automatically adapt based on which Client is logged into the platform and viewing the Page

Direct Clients exactly where you want them to go

“Magic Link” Login

Make it SUPER easy for your Clients to login

Clients don’t ever need to remember their password

Perfect for your TECHNOPHOBIC Clients. No more friction!

Clients just enter their email address & receive a link.

Simply clicking the link in email INSTANTLY logs them in.

* PINNACLE Plan only

Folder Structure Profiles

Have you ever wished you could automatically set a pre-defined folder structure for a specific type of Client?

You can pre-define a folder structure that will be automatically generated for each Contact

When you are adding new Contacts, simply select the appropriate Folder Profile, and that structure (both folders & files) will be automatically generated for the created Contact.

* THRIVE & PINNACLE Plans only

Custom ‘From’ Email Sending

Make sure the emails sent will land in your Client’s INBOX!

Properly authenticates SuiteDash to send email on your behalf

All email from SuiteDash looks like it’s coming from you!*

Automated set-up tool with excellent documentation

Task Dependencies

Hide Tasks until other Tasks have been Completed

Create a ‘chain’ of Tasks that happen in sequence

Build sequenced Task chains for your Clients

Keeps your Team focused only on Tasks that matter

Fourth Quarter, 2019

Advanced Custom Menus

Show/Hide Menu Items based on Role

Re-Name both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items

Re-Order both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items*

Change Icons for both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items

Add new Menu Items*!

Built-in PDF Viewer/Reader

When you upload your PDFs, Prospects/Clients can view them directly in the Portal

Prospects/Clients can view PDFs with an number of pages.

Quickly navigate PDFs using thumbnails, and then click to jump to that page.

Control who Clients can Message

Designate which members of your Staff/Team your Prospects/Clients are able to Message

Limit your Prospects/Clients to only be able to Message their Coordinator (Point of Contact)

Use Circles to set Messaging Permissons in bulk. Use Teams to assign your Staff in one powerful way.


Give your Clients the full of White Label experience (Only applies to PINNACLE plans w/ Custom URL configured)

Your Clients can install the app on their Apple or Android device

Your Clients can experience your Portal, and interact from anywhere using their mobile device.

The mobile experience for both your Clients and Team is always exactly the same as the desktop experience


You can enable the “Company First” option if you’re working primarily with Companies as your Clients.

If Company First mode is enabled, you can assign all Portal items, Projects, etc… to the Company directly. The “Primary Contact” will be the person at the Company who receives all email notifications and updates.

If that person leaves the company, you simply & easily assign a new Primary Contact. You won’t have the hassle of going in to re-assign dozens of projects, invoices, file shares, etc…


Easily create complex layouts and designs

Drag & Drop content blocks, photos, icons, etc…

Insert Dynamic Data placeholders using the built-in Point & Click Selector

All content can be made fully responsive, so it displays nicely all devices, including tablets and mobile devices

Built in Snippets & Template Library will be continually updated with fresh pre-built layouts & blocks


A One-Stop overview of all Client Subscription Payments

View all subscription details, prices, and Clients who are on that Subscription Plan

Clients can view all of their Subscriptions in their Subscription Dashboard

Clients can change the Payment Method from their Subscription Dashboard

Clients can manually cancel any Subscription from their Subscription Dashboard


Powerful way to update multiple Contacts at one time

You can select just one, or many Contacts to update

You can update just one data field, or many data fields in one operation. If left blank, field is not changed.

Select a Circle(s) and update the data of every Contact in a Circle in one simple operation

A simple, yet powerful tool that saves you time


My Tasks widget lets your Team and Clients see their outstanding tasks directly on their dashboard

For each task in the My Tasks widget you can click directly from the widget to the task details

My Invoices widget is designed to help your clients easily see what Invoices they have open directly on their Dashboard

For each invoice in the My Invoices widget, the Client can click directly to make the payment online

You can control the layout & which widgets will show on the Dashboard for every user role

Third Quarter, 2019


Create Intake Forms that add new Contacts

Trigger Automations & Integrations automatically

CRM Update Forms let you update existing Contacts or present them with follow-up Forms that add more info to their profiles

For each Form, you can customize the Actions that are triggered when the Form is submitted. Available Actions (Automations & Integrations) will grow over time.

General Purpose Forms give you even more flexibility


You can require payment to register & enter your Portal

One time payment OR a Recurring Subscription Payment

Works with all available payment gateways (No recurring subscription payments are possible via PayPal)

Dynamic Title placeholders to help identify payments

Portal access is blocked until payment is made & verified


Mark favorites for data that you edit often, and you’ll save time & clicks because those fields will always be at the top for easy access

Dynamic Data placeholder is auto-copied to your clipboard in just one click to help save time and prevent mistyping

Easily toggle the visibility of Default & Custom Fields

Real-time search lets you quickly find the Data Field you’re looking for


Designed for when you need to collaborate on a Project with more than one person in a Company or team

The Secondary Clients functionality allows you to add additional users on the client side to be part of a Project

Secondary Clients can be assigned to Tasks, and can be added as Followers to Tasks


Now you have the option of including the content of your Messages in the email notificiation sent to the recipient

Recipient can conveniently reply by email to the Message, and that reply will be received by SuiteDash and inserted in the proper Messaging thread. The original sender of the Message is notified.


Now you can use the very popular Authorize.net gateway to accept payments

Supports both one-time payments & automatic recurring payments when properly configured in your Authorize account

Easily integrate with your existing Authorize.net account

If you are interested in seeing support for ACH payments, please email to admin@suitedash.com


Easily move from one Client/Prospect to another

Client/Prospect Dashboard becomes a central place for you to work


Now you can use data from other applications to update data in SuiteDash

Add a ‘search step’ to your Zaps and locate the correct data to update

Custom Fields can be updated and then the data reflected in Portal via data placeholders

Second Quarter, 2019


Pre-create and save Profiles of how you want a Project to be created

Employs a dynamic naming structure using the Client’s name, the current date, etc….

Easily Auto-generate Projects during your Client onboarding process

Systematize your on-boarding process to save time & hassle


Structure Project Template Tasks/Phases in the order that you would like to have them worked on and accomplished

When a new Project is created using a Template, the Tasks/Phases are generated and placed in the exact order that you specify when creating the Template

Create a highly organized and sequenced set of Tasks/Phases for your Project Team to follow and accomplish

Create a sequenced Task list for your Client to follow


Quickly update Data values for your Contacts

Dynamic Data Placeholder is generated for every Custom Field you create

Dynamic Placeholders can be used in every area of the platform, including Portal Pages, Email Marketing, Announcements, etc…

Quickly Import a structured CSV with data if you need a super fast way to edit or update the Contact’s data

Easily export the Client’s data to a CSV


Now you can move between Projects at lightning speed

When you switch Projects, you’ll land on the new Project in the same mode/position as you left the previous Project

Perfect for Project Managers who are quickly moving between Projects


Custom CSS is now available on individual Portal Pages

Custom JS (Javascript) is now available on individual Portal Pages

Also available on Knowledge Base Pages


Setting up an SPF record in your domain name’s DNS tells spam filters that you’ve authorized SuiteDash to send email notifications on your behalf

Your important email notifications to your Clients and Staff are much much much much more likely to land in their inbox rather than their spam folder

Just follow our easy step by step instructions to add the SPF record, and our built in validator will turn green to let you know it’s done correctly


Dramatically increase the security of your SuiteDash account.

Works with Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, FreeOTP and all QR Code reader type auth applications.

Backup code is provided to ensure you can access your account, even if you lose or don’t have your device.

First Quarter, 2019


Designed to be a rich collaboration experience between you and your Client, Project Overview gives you the power and flexibility to show your Clients just what you want, and nothing you don’t.

Customize with your Client’s logo: Display your Client’s logo in the Project Dashboard to give them a rich and customized experience.

Project Progress: Show your Clients what % of the Project is complete. This can be set manually, or auto-calculated from the # of completed tasks vs. the total # of tasks.

Post Project Updates: Give your Client structured and date stamped updates so that they know all along the way how things are going.

Clients can comment on Updates: For each Update that you post on the Project Overview, you’ll have the option of letting the Client give feedback in the form of comments.


Embed the Intake Form on your website, thus letting your Prospects start their journey through your sales funnel directly from there.

Website visitors who complete the forms are added into your CRM according to the configuration of that particular Intake Form.

Customize the success message, or opt to redirect the user to a specific URL

Custom CSS option gives you the ultimate in flexibility


You can pre-create Folders with entire file repositories inside

Just by granting permissions, a Prospect or Client can easily access and download the entire folder as a ZIP file

Folder structure is maintained and replicated in ZIP file

Client Portal Software Integrations

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