Mass Email Campaigns & Autoresponders

Easily reach out to many of your leads and customers at once using the Email Marketing functionality of SuiteDash. Create mailing ‘Lists’ manually, via CSV import, or simply generate a list based on your sales leads, prospects and/or clients. Send email blasts using a 3rd party SMTP provider like Sendgrid, Mailgun, SendinBlue or MailJet. These ‘whitelisted’ mail services help ensure your emails are not filtered as spam. Email Campaigns can be created and sent at a particular date and time, whereas Autoresponders can be set to send repeatedly on a schedule to any new email address you add to your Lists.

Choose your Editing Experience

Build Email Marketing Campaigns in either our WYSIWYG Visual Editor, or if you’re bringing a pre-built HTML template from somewhere else, you can use our Advanced Code Editor

Seamlessly carry over your existing clients from CRM into Email Marketing, or import email addresses directly via CSV, allowing you to send follow up email ‘Campaigns’ to your clients

Schedule email blasts to be sent to clients at any time, or you can send them immediately, all on your schedule

Email Campaign ‘Templates’ make email marketing easily repeatable, allowing you to build an Email Campaign once, and then send it continuously and regularly with just a few edits

Collect Leads in Lists

Email Marketing Lists can be built from your existing CRM (Leads, Prospects, and Clients), your internal users, as well as email addresses you collect outside of SuiteDash and import via CSV.

Lists can be made up of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of individual email addresses, and you can easily add and remove addresses at any time, both from your CRM and via import, ensuring your Lists always stay up to date with your latest potential leads and existing customers.

Build Automated Drip Campaigns

‘Autoresponders’ allow you to send automatic emails on a set schedule to any new email addresses that get added to a particular List

This means you can schedule several Autoresponders inside a List to send at 5 minutes, 1 hour, 3 days, 2 weeks, and so on. These Autoresponders will automatically send to any new email addresses added to that List, on the schedule you set.

Set them up one time, and then sit back and let Autoresponders bring in business and automatic feedback from your leads, prospects, and clients!

Use Your Preferred SMTP

Email Marketing emails can be sent using a 3rd party SMTP provider like Sendgrid, Amazon SES, MailGun, MailJet, and many others

These ‘whitelisted’ mail services have agreements with the ISPs and mail providers that help ensure your emails are not filtered as spam

Or, if you want to use our built in SMTP service, you can activate the Dedicated IP Sending for a small additional fee. Included in this will be a dedicated IP address for sending your emails, only used by you and no other customer.

The end result of either option is that Email Campaigns are reliably delivered to your Leads, Prospects & Clients

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