Reseller Program

YOU can create Recurring Income Streams!
Leverage your existing Client Base or add a new Product Offering
White Label your own All-in-One Software Solution

The SuiteDash Reseller Program was designed from the ground up to provide entrepreneurs of all descriptions a SIDE-HUSTLE ENGINE that they can use, adapt, modify, extend, and… most importantly, WHITE LABEL so that they can build RESIDUAL RECURRING INCOME that requires little or NO continuing effort.

The Reseller Program is especially powerful for those businesses or influencers with some expertise in a unique business niche. The potential Reseller’s influence and experiences in their particular vertical put them in a perfect position to recommend or provide an affordable and customized all-in-one software solution for their existing Clients and potential Clients.

How does the Reseller Program work?

After you have been approved as an authorized SuiteDash Reseller, you can manage your Child Accounts by navigating to Flyout Menu > Reseller Dashboard.

From your Reseller Dashboard, you can Manage/Impersonate/Cancel any existing customer Child Accounts, as well as create new ones.

How does a Reseller make money?

From the Reseller Dashboard, it’s simple to create a new SuiteDash account at any time. You can choose between a Start, Thrive, or Pinnacle Monthly plan for your Child account, in which you will pay a wholesale price per month. That wholesale monthly fee will be added to your existing payment (the same payment method on file for your primary SuiteDash account).

You, as the Reseller, make money by charging a markup of your choosing – we don’t have any restrictions on what you charge! Your profit comes from the difference between the price that you charge the end customer and the wholesale price that you pay to SuiteDash.

Does the Customer ever know about SuiteDash?

This is where our Extreme White Labeling comes in!! In the newly-created SuiteDash account, you’ll be automatically established as the Super Admin. From there, you can begin setting up the desired branding, creating users, etc. Once you have the account fully set up and White Labeled, you’ll hand the keys to your customer in the form of Admin-level login credentials – and off they go!

Your customers never need to see the word SuiteDash or even know that a company called SuiteDash exists. As far as they are concerned, YOU are the software provider!

How do I apply to join the Reseller Program?

The Reseller Program is by application only. There are no application fees, upfront costs, or hidden fees. The only requirements are that the Reseller must complete the onboarding process, sign the Reseller Agreement, and maintain a retail-priced SuiteDash Pinnacle license at all times (this is necessary so that we can grant access to the Reseller Dashboard).

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