UNLIMITED Pricing & No Contracts
Start with a 14-Day Free Full-Featured Trial

one price per month/year/life … NOT per user

    • START

      • Starting Smart
      • CORE Platform
      • Learn about START
      • UNLIMITED CRM Contacts
      • UNLIMITED Staff/Team
      • UNLIMITED Portals
      • Fully Branded Experience
      • Custom Branded URL/Login
      • 100GB File Storage
      • Upgrade at any time
    • THRIVE

      • Ready to Grow
      • START + Growth Tools
      • Learn about THRIVE
      • Proposals & eSign Toolkit
      • Email Marketing Toolkit
      • Folder Structure Generators
      • Advanced Custom Menus
      • Deal Stage Pipelines
      • Total of 500GB File Storage
      • Upgrade/Downgrade at any time

      • Ready to Dominate
      • THRIVE + Premium Tools
      • Learn about PINNACLE
      • FLOWs Automation Toolkit
      • Trigger/Action Automations
      • LMS Learning Management*
      • Support Tickets Toolkit*
      • Task Dependencies
      • Total of 2TB File Storage
      • Downgrade at any time

* Items marked with an asterisk are Coming Soon

Power up to make your perfect Plan

Separate from your paid subscription, Add-Ons give you the flexibility to customize your perfect set of tools/services, regardless of which Plan you’re subscribed to.


PLUS Bundle

A carefully selected set of helpful add-ons and additional resources. The PLUS Bundle can be added to any Plan for one low price.

  • Credit Card Vaulting  Securely store your Client’s full credit card information
  • Additional 1TB of File Storage  Increase your current File Storage Quota by a full 1TB (1,000 Gigabytes)
Add from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.


Deliverability Add-On

Enhance the Marketing Toolkit by easily adding a high deliverability sending method for when you’re sending out Marketing Campaign or Autoresponder emails. This bundle includes a dedicated IP address for sending your emails with a standard allowance of 10,000 email sends per month.

Add from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.
Find Answers Quickly
This chat answers questions that are asked frequently 😉
How does the 14-Day Free Trial work?
It doesn’t matter which “START FREE TRIAL” button above you click, you’ll be on the PINNACLE plan during your 14 day Trial. You don’t need to enter a credit card, and there’s absolutely no commitment or contracts of any kind
What plan should I choose?
Every customer starts out on a Free Trial of the PINNACLE plan. This gives you the ability to use & experience nearly all the features that SuiteDash offers*, including the branded domain & login screen option. *Marketing Autoresponders functionality is only available to paid Plans
What happens when my Free Trial expires?
When you decide that you’ll keep using SuiteDash, you can select any plan you wish at that time. It’s 100% up to you!
How do Upgrades/Downgrades work?
When you upgrade to a ‘higher’ (e.g. Start to Thrive) monthly/yearly plan, we will always take into account the amount you’ve paid already and prorate the upgrade so that you don’t lose anything in the transaction. When you downgrade to a ‘lower’ (e.g. Pinnacle to Start) monthly/yearly plan, we prorate the downgrade and add a credit to your account – future monthly/yearly payments will deduct from this credit until it reaches zero.
When changing your plan to Lifetime, there is no proration of amounts already paid – you will always pay the full Lifetime amount at that moment, and then never pay again for access to that plan. If you change to Lifetime for a ‘higher’plan, you will pay the difference between the Lifetime rates.