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    • START

      • Starting Smart
      • Award Winning Platform
      • Learn about START
      • Foundational Business Tools
      • UNLIMITED CRM Contacts
      • UNLIMITED Staff/Team
      • UNLIMITED Portals
      • Extreme White Labeling
      • Custom Branded Mobile App
      • Email Marketing Campaigns
      • 100GB File Storage
      • Docs / Academy / Community
      • Upgrade at any time
      • No Contracts / No Risk
    • THRIVE

      • Ready to Grow
      • START + Growth Tools
      • Learn about THRIVE
      • Everything in Start +
      • Autoresponder Drip Marketing
      • Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
      • Custom Folder Generators
      • Advanced Custom Menus
      • Deal Stage Pipelines
      • Client-Side Live Chat
      • Total of 500GB File Storage
      • 1 FREE Wizarding Session***
      • Up/Downgrade at any time
      • No Contracts / No Risk

      • Ready for #SuiteFreedom
      • THRIVE + Premium Tools
      • Learn about PINNACLE
      • Everything in Thrive +
      • Complete Automation Toolkit
      • FLOWs Onboarding Toolkit
      • LMS Learning Management
      • Support Tickets Toolkit
      • Task Dependencies
      • Client/Customer Journeys**
      • Total of 2TB File Storage
      • 1 BONUS Wizarding Session***
      • Downgrade at any time
      • No Contracts / No Risk

* UNLIMITED Clients & Staff for all Plans

** Feature is Coming Soon

*** One-on-One Live Session w/ a Certified SuiteDash Wizard

See below for complete details

Customize your perfect Set of Features

Power-Ups give you the flexibility to customize your perfect set of tools/features, regardless of which Plan you’re subscribed to. Power-Ups are not included in any plan & are charged in addition to your base subscription.


VIP Bundle Power-Up

Get access to the very highest level of Support, LIVE assistance & Community interaction. The VIP Bundle can be added to any Plan for one low monthly price.

  • LIVE Support Sessions:  You’ll have the ability to run your questions by a SuiteDash expert in a LIVE group session! VIPs will have an additional menu in their Manage Account area that will display the schedule of upcoming LIVE Support Sessions. Simply click the link to join at the appropriate time, and you’ll enter the Zoom meeting where a SENSEI Certified Agency Partner will be available to answer questions and guide the discussion.
  • PRIVATE Discord Access: Introducing the “VIP Suite” – a private Discord community server for VIPs only. Not only will you have real-time communications with other VIP SuiteMates, but you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with the SuiteDash Team, SuiteDash Wizards and SENSEI Agency Partners. The VIP Suite will be home to a variety of LIVE Sessions, AMAs & other interactive Community events!
  • PRIORITY Support: We are honored by the many comments & reviews that go out of their way to compliment our Help Team and the quality of their support. Priority Support takes that already high level to an even higher level. As a VIP, your support requests will be tagged appropriately and be prioritized so that your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Add from your Manage Account menu. Not available while in a Free Trial.


COMMUNITY Power-Up (BETA Access is currently LIVE!)

Enable a whole new way to communicate and interact between you, your Staff & your Clients! The Community Power-Up has been imagined and designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing CRM + White Label Portal so that you can bring even more value to your unique offerings!

  • Up to 5 fully independent Communities:  Each Community will include a feature-rich discussion forum and a robust set of functionalities designed to streamline interaction and encourage Member participation. Each additional Community over the allotted five (5) is billed at an additional $5 per month.
  • UNLIMITED Members: There is no limit to the number of Members you can add to your Communities – these can be your existing Clients & Prospects PLUS any new CRM Targets! This makes it easy to scale your Community as it grows. You can also add different types of Memberships to your Community, such as free memberships, paid memberships, and invitation-only membership.
  • UNLIMITED Spaces: Spaces are sub-sections inside of each Community that can be based on individual topics and/or access permissions. Spaces can be made public or private within the Community & private Spaces can be tied to a specific payment or subscription, thus allowing access only if the Member has the proper permissions.
  • UNLIMITED Posts: There is no limit to the number of posts in your Communities. Posts can be text-based, image-based, video-based, or any combination of the three. (Hosted video will be available but will have limits designated by your base subscription plan).
  • UNLIMITED Polls: Polls are a great way to get feedback from your Community members. You can create polls to ask questions about your products or services, your marketing campaigns, or anything else you want to know.
  • UNLIMITED Announcements: Announcements are a great way to keep your Community members informed about important news and events. You can use Announcements to announce new product releases, upcoming events, or changes to your community policies.
  • LIVE Community Chat & Direct Messaging: You will have the option of letting the Members of your Community participate in a LIVE Community Chat and additional options to allow direct private messaging between the Members. This is a great way for Members to get to know each other, ask questions, and share ideas. Direct messaging allows Members to send private messages to each other, which can be useful for having more in-depth conversations or sharing sensitive information.
  • LMS Course Communities: Create a Community around your LMS offerings by associating LMS Courses with a particular Community and/or Space within a Community. This can help to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for Course Participants, and it can also help to build a Community around your LMS offerings.
This Power-Up is now LIVE but still in BETA status. Until the BETA status is removed, Early-Bird Pricing of $15/month is currently ACTIVE. Lock-in this monthly rate for LIFE before the COMMUNITY Power-Up exits BETA, after which the price will increase to $40/month. Early-Bird Pricing will be honored for as long as the Power-Up is active in your account. Subscribe from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.


PRIME Bundle Power-Up

A collection of powerful features designed to take existing functionalities to the next level!

  • Sales Funnel Builder: A flexible and robust add-on that will enable powerful new options in multiple areas of the platform. You’ll be able to create 2-Step or 3-Step Funnels that will give you multiple options to offer (free or paid) a specific resource like an LMS Product as the “desired product/service”. Build out an arsenal of publicly available (non-logged) Sales/Onboarding Funnels, each one directly associated with a specific asset, and completely customized as to how each target is onboarded. Future applications planned with Appointments, Proposals, Projects, Support Tickets, Membership Plans and Communities.
  • PDF Document Signing & Templates: Take your Document signing to the next level! You can already generate custom Documents w/ Dynamic Data using the Content Block Editor & Dynamic Data Placeholders, which is then converted into a PDF document. But, if you already have a PDF that you need to use as the base document, you now have that option with this PDF Document Signing & Templates. Upload PDFs, prepare them for signing, and send them out to be signed. In future iterations, you’ll even have the ability to use PDFs as base Templates, modify them with dynamic data as part of an automation, and have them automatically sent out to multiple CRM and/or Staff Targets for eSigning.
  • Embeddable “Remote” Chat: Give your prospective Clients even more ways to make first contact with a real-time “Welcome” chat embedded on your Website or Landing Page! You can configure and embed a “Remote Chat” that will be available to interact with your Website or Landing Page visitors. Not only can you and/or your Staff be able to start a real-time conversation with the visitor, but you also have a wide range of helpful tools that will help manage your conversations, and easily add them to your CRM, Kickoff an Automated On-Boarding, direct them to helpful resources, and more!  This “Remote Chat” will also integrate with the powerful Support Tickets functionality, thus allowing visitor chats to be converted seamlessly into a Support Ticket.
Add from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.


PLUS Bundle Power-Up

A carefully-selected set of useful tools and additional resources. The PLUS Bundle can be added to any Plan for one low price. More PLUS features are planned!

  • Credit Card Vaulting:  Securely “Vault” credit cards from your Contacts using reliable enterprise-level technologies paired with military grade PGP encryption. Then easily & securely retrieve/view the complete credit card number, expiration & security code. 100% PCI Compliant, which means that this feature complies with the technical and operational standards set forth to secure and protect credit card data stored and transmitted. PCI standards for compliance are provided by the PCI Security Standards Council.
  • Email Cannons:  Email Cannons enhance your arsenal by letting you pre-build beautifully-formatted HTML emails with dynamic placeholders, and then “fire” those emails directly to a single recipient (the Target) as part of an Automation. Any dynamic data will be inserted as the Cannon is fired, and the Target will be blown away by the super-pro look & feel! You can fire Email Cannons manually or via Kickoff Form, Update Form, Trigger/Action Automation, or while adding & importing Contacts. You can unleash your Cannons on any Prospect or Client, in either “Invited” or “Uninvited” status.
  • Form Cannons:  Have you wanted to “send” Forms to your Contacts? Form Cannons make it possible to send Forms easily by email! You can easily enhance and simplify the customer journey by automating the sending of Forms directly to the inbox of your prospective Clients. Form Cannons can be fired manually, or Automatically as a part of our No-Code Automations functionality. One of the best parts about Form Cannons is that you can include MULTIPLE Forms for your Prospect or Client to complete.
  • Enforce Secure Passwords:  To make sure your portal remains secure & private, you’ll have the option of customizing the complexity and length of the passwords that will be permitted when setting up an account. You’ll have the choice of defining how many characters, what types of characters and more.
  • Coming Soon > Enforce Two-Factor Authentication:  For the ultimate in security, you will have the ability to selectively enforce the use of Two-Factor Authentication when accessing your portal. You can define all the options and apply them selectively to your whole organization, or to just some Circles or Teams as needed. Admins will have the ability to easily reset and allow access to those who are having trouble or have lost access.
  • Additional 1TB of File Storage:  Increase your current File Storage Quota by a full 1TB (1,000 Gigabytes)
Add from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.
Service Subscriptions
Pay as you go Pricing for added Services

In cases where a Service we provide carries non-fixed costs, our policy is that we do our best to pass those costs to you without any added markup – at our costs. This approach is in sync with one of our primary goals, which is to keep SuiteDash affordable for small/medium business all around the world. For those who don’t need the Service, they don’t pay for it. For those who do need the Service, this approach actually saves you money because you only need to pay for what you use. This is better than the alternative – need to “pad” the pricing for every customer in order to make sure that our costs are covered – in that world, each customer would pay the same, even if they never used the Service.



Enhance the Marketing Toolkit by easily adding a high deliverability sending method for when you’re sending out Marketing Campaign or Autoresponder emails. This bundle includes a dedicated IP address for sending your emails with a standard allowance of 10,000 email sends per month.

  • Dedicated IP Your Marketing Campaigns & Autoresponders will be sent from a Dedicated IP to increase deliverability. We set up everything behind the scenes & confirm within 24 hours that you are ready to start sending Marketing Campaigns & Autoresponders. Autoresponders available only in Thrive & Pinnacle.
  • 10,000 email sends per month Send marketing emails with a limit of 10,000 per month. If you need to send more, you can exceed this threshold for an additional $15 per month for every additional 10,000 sent.
Add from your Manage Account menu. Available only after your paid upgrade. Not included in any monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.
SuiteDash Wizarding Sessions
Let us show you the magic of SuiteDash!

Fast-track your workflow + white-labeling success with the help of SuiteDash Certified Wizards!

Board the SuiteDash Express for a face-to-face meeting with your own personal Wizard via the teleporting powers of the legendary Zoom portal.

During these 45 minute Sessions, your Wizard will help guide you through the first days of your SuiteDash journey. Your personal Wizard will listen to your needs, identify workflows and help create an action plan that will protect you from the dementors of confusion & doubt. Although Wizards are expressly forbidden from using their powers directly in your account, they can help you learn the spells that make magic happen!

  • Members get ONE FREE Wizarding Session when they upgrade from a Free Trial to THRIVE
  • Members get TWO FREE Wizarding Session when they upgrade from a Free Trial to PINNACLE

And, if you need additional training, you can purchase additional Sessions at a very reasonable ‘a la carte’ price.

Schedule Wizarding Sessions from your Manage Account menu. Available only to paid SuiteDash customers.
SuiteDash Sensei Kickstart
Getting you up-and-running in the fastest possible way!

If you’re looking to get the fastest possible start, then the Sensei Kickstart is exactly what you need. 

We’ve partnered with our Sensei Certified Agency Partners to provide you with an experienced build-out of a basic implementation & professional consulting to help get you going – all at an affordable price!

  • Sensei Certified Agency Partners work directly in your account.
  • Complete White Label Branding : Includes adding your colors, logos, and brand name to the portal, emails, and login page. Your Sensei will make your Portal look super PRO!
  • Onboarding Workflow Set-up : Build out a Basic Workflow for contacts to enter your Portal. You can select from the Workflow Menu & your Sensei will build out the option you choose!
  • 45-minute One-on-One Sensei Session : After the work is complete, you’ll have a 45-minute one-on-one Sensei Session to familiarize you with the work that was done and to discuss a strategy that will move you towards a quick and effective deployment.

When you purchase the Sensei Kickstart, you’ll receive a basic workflow to onboard Contacts into your white labeled Portal, and a basic understanding of how the workflow was built. From there, you can continue to layer in more functionality & content yourself, or you can choose to continue working with your Sensei Certified Agency Partner at a discounted rate available only to those who started with the Sensei Kickstart!

Available for both Paid & Free Trial SuiteDash accounts.
A Powerful Package
An unbelievable package at an unbelievable price

This is the best deal we’ve ever offered. Period.


Best. Deal. Ever.

In every business, there is the retail price… and then there is the price if you’re willing to buy in bulk and/or pay up front. The SuiteDreams Package is our VERY BEST attempt to offer the full spectrum of the SuiteDash platform at the most affordable price possible!

We are here for the LONG TERM, and the SuiteDreams package gives you the ability to affordably join our Community and our Mission to help business owners around the world achieve #SuiteFreedom by leveraging the power of systems, processes & automations!

Find Answers Quickly
This chat answers questions that are asked frequently 😉
How does the 14-Day Free Trial work?
It doesn’t matter which “START FREE TRIAL” button above you click, you’ll be on the PINNACLE plan during your 14 day Trial. You don’t need to enter a credit card, and there’s absolutely no commitment or contracts of any kind
What plan should I choose?
Every customer starts out on a Free Trial of the PINNACLE plan. This gives you the ability to use & experience nearly all the features that SuiteDash offers*, including the branded domain & login screen option. *Marketing Autoresponders functionality is only available to paid Plans
What happens when my Free Trial expires?
When you decide that you’ll keep using SuiteDash, you can select any plan you wish at that time. It’s 100% up to you!
How do Upgrades/Downgrades work for Monthly/Yearly?
When you upgrade to a ‘higher’ (e.g. Start to Thrive) monthly/yearly plan, we will always take into account the amount you’ve paid already and prorate the upgrade so that you don’t lose anything in the transaction. When you downgrade to a ‘lower’ (e.g. Pinnacle to Start) monthly/yearly plan, we prorate the downgrade and add a credit to your account – future monthly/yearly payments will deduct from this credit until it reaches zero.
How do Upgrades/Downgrades work for Lifetime?
When changing your plan to Lifetime, there is no proration of amounts already paid – you will always pay the full Lifetime amount at that moment, and then never pay again for access to that plan. However, if you are upgrading a lower Lifetime plan to a ‘higher’ one, you will pay the difference between the Lifetime rates. Please contact our Help Team for assistance.
Can I purchase additional storage?
Additional storage is available for $5/month ($60/year) per 250GB. You can stack this offer to extend your storage as much as you need! For example: if you need 1TB of additional storage you can add-on $20/month to your monthly subscription and your storage will increase by 1TB. All you need to do to add more storage to your account is to email us at

Consolidate your processes & save BIG on software costs

SuiteDash is the ultimate All-in-One Business Software multi-tool, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to streamline and automate their systems & processes. Essential business tools are elegantly consolidated into a single pre-integrated and inter-automated platform 😎 Say goodbye to expensive & inefficient jumbles of “one-trick pony” software.

Automated CRM


Client Portal

EXTREME White Label

Digital Marketing

Appointment Scheduling

Digital Dynamic Proposals

Billing + Packages

Contracts & eSignature

Project & Task Management

Payments + Subscriptions

File Exchange

Learning Management (LMS)

Support Tickets

Interactive Community

Secure Messaging