Client Portal Software for CPAs, Accountants & Bookkeepers

SuiteDash is a perfect software platform for CPA Firms, Accountants & Bookkeepers

More than just Client Portal Software, SuiteDash gives you built-in CRM, Secure File Sharing, Privacy Compliant Messaging, Invoicing, and even Email Marketing.

One cloud-based software platform where the tools are already pre-integrated and full of useful built-in automations.

How does a Client Portal like SuiteDash work for CPAs, Accountants & Bookkeepers?

Most CPAs, accountants or bookkeepers don’t consider the importance of  implementing Client Portal Software, but there are great number of reasons for them to give it serious consideration.

Professional appearance

Customizable Client Dashboards

Secure File Sharing

Secure File Requests

Easy File Upload for Clients

Privacy Compliant Messaging

Built in Invoicing

Built in Email Marketing

Complete White Label Branding

Secure File Sharing & File Requests

Needless to say, your Client’s data is quite sensitive, and therefore the accounting professional is bound to an implied responsibility to keep that data and those Client reports private & secure. Inside the organization, access to the data must be properly monitored, and employees must be educated so that they know the serious consequences that can come from exposing this data to the public.

Additionally, all reasonable precautions must be taken to be sure that the sensitive data never finds its’ way outside the possession of either the accounting or bookkeeping professional and the client or company.

File Sharing Demo Video  File Requests Demo Video

Client Portal for Accountants

Privacy Compliant “Hack Proof” Messaging

The insecurity of sending reports attached to a simple email is well known, and no responsible accounting or bookkeeping firm should ever consider that as a general practice. While you are not specifically doing something illegal, one could argue that it is borderline unethical, and almost certainly unprofessional.

Additionally, because of the many recent high profile hacks that were the result of clicking links in emails, the general public is being conditioned to never open attachments that come via email, and never click links in an email.

If this is the case, how is a CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper supposed to transfer documents or communicate efficiently with their clients?

Client Portal for CPAs

For all the reasons above, a Client Portal software solution needs to be implemented

Client Portal software fills the gap of insecurity, and makes it possible for you both receive data and share reports from your clients in a secure, private & professional manner. The best examples use the same encryption methods used for online banking, ensuring that your data is secure both during upload and when being stored.

In addition, the Client Portal software protects and privatizes the files themselves, with granular permission controls that allow you to give access only to specific clients and staff members as needed. This means that only certain people will be able to see the data, and only when they are properly logged-in to the secure environment.

Client Portal for Bookkeepers

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