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A CPA Tax Client Portal designed to promote your brand!

Having a secure and easy to navigate Client Portal is no longer optional. SuiteDash gives you a SECURE, achievable and affordable CPA Client Portal option that is FULLY White Labeled and works the way YOU do.

Customer Login Portal Software

Secure Client Portal CRM


A “Client friendly” and “Staff Friendly” Client Portal

Why are CPA’s, Tax Professionals and Bookkeepers Flocking to SuiteDash?

More than just Client Portal Software for CPAs, Accountants, Tax Prep & Bookkeeping, SuiteDash gives you a PRE-INTEGRATED & INTER-AUTOMATED platform designed from the ground up to help you standardize your process, record your systems, streamline your workflows & automate as much of that as possible

The Accounting Industry requires more than just a CRM. Accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparers and Bookkeepers require an All-In-One platform with the latest cloud technology and highest security to ensure their information and that of their Clients is safe and secure. Add to this a TOTAL White Labeled experience including secure client portals to promote your brand and professionalism. There are many features to help you with all aspects of your workflow including Automations, Email Marketing, Onboarding Prospects, Project Management, Client Nurturing and Offboarding.

Accountant / Tax Preparer’s Best Friend! SuiteDash has reduced the number of programs I needed to purchase. I was able to cancel $1500 worth of subscriptions. I moved from Dubsado to SuiteDash. I also canceled Tax Dome and ConvertKit.

~ Christian M. via G2 blank

Tax Accountant CPA Portal

Client Portal + Mobile App

100% White Label Portal + your own Mobile App

Far beyond a ‘cookie cutter’ branded experience. Your Clients will login to your Portal via your URL & a fully customizable experience, every email notification they receive will be perfectly branded, and they can even install YOUR branded mobile app on their tablets & phones.


Software for CPA Accounting Firm - Login Portal for Clients


Make your CPA Client Portal stand out from the crowd with White Labeling!

Boost efficiency by leveraging the power of All-in-One

Traditionally business owners had two options, pick a CRM and multiple software and hope for the best or take the expensive route and pay a programmer to create a system for you. Now you have a third option, SuiteDash which you can tailor to suit your own needs. Remove our branding and replace it with yours, hide what you don’t want to use and add bespoke Portal Pages for your Staff, Prospects and Clients. SuiteDash forms can be embedded onto your website and external URL’s can be embedded into your Portal Pages to create the ultimate Accounting Client Portal experience

Want to take it even further? Use the Translations tool to change any word or phrase in your Portal to better suit your niche terminology and branding.

There is no limit to what you can build!

So far it has been an exceptional experience. They are extremely helpful and extremely responsive to everything I send them. The product is doing exactly what I want it to do and with the projected updates are highly anticipated.

~ Chief M. via Capterra blank

Easy to Use

Simple enough for even your “Tech-Challenged” Clients

The login to the Client Portal is very simple, password resets are self-serve, and if that’s too much, “Magic Login” lets your Clients securely bypass the need for a password completely. You can completely customize the experience based on the type of Client, or based on a particular workflow the Client is following.


Client Login Dashboard Portal

Accountant CPA Portal


How can SuiteDash give you an amazing CPA Client Portal?

Yes, it is beautifully White Labeled for your Clients, but what can it do to improve efficiency among your team?

Powerful Appointment Scheduling including Zoom & Google Meet integration

Collect data with easily understood Tax Onboarding and Questionnaires with built in Conditional Logic

Create beautiful Proposal Templates for each type of Accounting relationship

Invoices and Subscriptions with linked Payment Gateways for online payments

Set up Project Generators to automate Task creation and assignment to your Staff and your Clients

Automate the creation of Personal Client Folders and Shared Folders

Use No-Code Automations to put your workflows on Autopilot!

Configure Drip Sequence Emails to nurture Contacts and keep Clients aware of tax deadlines

I love the fact that SuiteDash provides a complete solution for managing every step of a client-based business. I don’t have to use multiple tools to handle invoicing, project management, file sharing, client communication, feedback cycle etc.

~ Nafiur R. via Capterra blank

CPA demonstrating Client Portal to his Accounting Client

Custom Dashboards

Use Dynamic Data for a personalized Portal experience

Each Client will see ONLY their info/status/data. Start the ball rolling with pre-built Dashboards and Info Pages. Embed iFrames, YouTube & Vimeo videos, or any other embeddable widget.


Software Portal Dashboard for CPA or Bookkeeper


This Client Portal adapts to YOU!

You make the rules! You decide who sees what. We built this for YOU!

SuiteDash is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your business or organization. With our flexible configuration, you can create uniquely personalized client and staff experiences that sync with, enhance, and automate your existing workflows. Dynamic data dashboards transform your business efficiency by offering customizable, purpose-built dashboards tailored to client and staff needs. With pre-built templates and dynamic data placeholders, setup is quick and personalized. Easily create unlimited, personalized dashboards with the dynamic block builder, tailored to each client or team. You and your staff will enjoy the ability to search, filter, and sort customer and reporting data without leaving the dashboard.

Functional + Powerful Dashboards

We are extremely pleased with our decision to implement SuiteDash into our almost daily workflow. It has checked all of the boxes we were looking for and more, and did so in one concise package, which is so hard to find. Like I am sure most businesses these days, we found ourselves switching between so many different programs and SuiteDash has solved this problem. I highly recommend giving SuiteDash a try, you will be happy you did!

~ Gary V. via G2 blank

Secure File Transfer

Sending and sharing files has never been easier.

Log in, upload files, done! You and your Clients only need to drop files into a folder to share.


How to create a Client Portal for Accountant / CPA

Client Portal displayed on Laptop


Storing, sending and sharing files has never been easier!

✅ Upload ✅ Download 🤘 Impress your Clients!

Frustrated with email attachment size limits? SuiteDash streamlines file sharing! Send any size document securely through your branded client portal. No logins required for recipients, making it perfect for even your tech-challenged clients. Each client gets their own space, with sub-folders for each project and task. Further customize the structure with your own folders for maximum efficiency. Create pre-defined folder structures for different client types, staff needs, or project categories. These customizable generators can include unlimited folders and files, automatically populating the perfect structure for every new CRM target, staff member, or project. Need to share a bunch of files? Download entire folders as a ZIP for a streamlined experience. Using a client portal to securely exchange files gives you mission specific tools designed to do the exact job you need!

Easy for even your most tech-challenged Clients

I really like how it is an all-in-one platform that can handle many of the tasks that you would normally need separate tools to do the same job. The CRM is really handy for managing my contacts all in one place as well as being able to manage the contacts projects and tasks all in the same dashboard.

~ Sharpened P. via G2 >> Read on G2

Showing Branded CPA Client Portal

“Fool Proof” File Requests

Safely request files with minimal friction.

File Requests are a no-brainer. Your Client just clicks a link and doesn’t even need to log in.


CPA Client Portal Software


Super-Easy Method to get Files from Prospects & Clients

Easy to use file upload link that doesn’t require login, and can be used multiple times

Easiest method ever to get files from your clients. Simply send a hassle-free link via email, specifying the folder for uploaded files. Clients don’t need to log in, making it quick and easy for them to deliver what you need, and you are notified when files are uploaded.

Transfer HUGE batches of Files with NO Limits

I love being able to have one hub for taking care of planning, scheduling, communicating, billing, marketing, etc., instead of several disparate solutions that don’t ‘talk’ to each other. With SuiteDash, I spend less time managing and more time doing.

~ Ken I. via Capterra >> Read on Capterra

“Hack Proof” Messaging

Communicate with your Clients in the most secure way possible.

Protect sensitive information using the industry-best practice of Secure Messaging.

Tax Prep Dashboard


We take CPA Client Portal Security and Privacy Seriously!

Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Files are encrypted while stored.

HIPAA and GDPR Compliant SuiteDash maintains ongoing compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and GDPR, so it can process, maintain and store protected information for any entities restricted by these regulations. By default, the platform is set in Privacy Mode which means that the actual content of messages is not included in email notifications sent outside the platform. Your clients will log into their secure CPA Client Portal in order to read and sign documents and view messages and information ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other Privacy Frameworks. You can even send self-assessments and be confident it is safe and secure. Staff Roles are also provided with different access levels so you can ensure only authorized staff members are able to see sensitive information.

Yes, we treat SuiteDash like a Vault!

It creates a great customer interface — through multiple channels — email, customer portal, and messaging. I really like that you can brand your own customer portal fairly easily. Within a day of set up, I had a portal, on my own domain. In the same day, I set up their progressive web app for mobile as well.

~ Spencer J. via Capterra >> Read on Capterra

CPA Accounting Client Portal

White Label Mobile App

Give your Clients the full White Label experience.

Proudly present your very own custom mobile app to install on your Client’s Apple or Android device.


FREE White Label Mobile App

Your Clients and Staff can install the app on their Apple or Android mobile device

Enhance your business branding with your free white label mobile app. Clients and staff can install on their Apple or Android device, tap your logo/icon on their device, and access your portal from anywhere! Your Clients see your app icon/logo on their mobile device, and can interact with your Portal from anywhere. Having your app on their phone is a major step in a business relationship – great branding!

Your Logo on their Home Screen!

We appreciate all the tools it includes (apps), it’s a one stop app that replaces many others. And replaces them well. A very complete app to manage client’s, proposals, contracts, billing, invoices, communications, project management, tasks, etc.

~ Alex C. via Capterra >> Read on Capterra

Consolidate your processes & save BIG on software costs

SuiteDash is the ultimate All-in-One Business Software multi-tool, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to streamline and automate their systems & processes. Essential business tools are elegantly consolidated into a single pre-integrated and inter-automated platform 😎 Say goodbye to expensive & inefficient jumbles of “one-trick pony” software.

Automated CRM


Client Portal

EXTREME White Label

Digital Marketing

Appointment Scheduling

Digital Dynamic Proposals

Billing + Packages

Contracts & eSignature

Project & Task Management

Payments + Subscriptions

File Exchange

Learning Management (LMS)

Support Tickets

Interactive Community

Secure Messaging