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The Client Portal you’ve always wanted!

Client Portal software fills the gap of insecurity, and makes it possible for you both receive data and share reports from your clients in a secure, private & professional manner. The best examples use the same encryption methods used for online banking, ensuring that your data is secure both during upload and when being stored.

Clients get Secure & Simple access to your Portal

Clients will see announcements along with any projects, files or invoices assigned to them. Different menus will be viewed depending on what the Admin set Clients to see in settings. Clients will have the ability to upload files, work orders and send private messages to Admins or Project managers.

Easily Create A Custom Client Portal for your Digital Agency In A Few Easy Steps

By using your White Label Branded Client Portal, you can quickly create a seamless looking client portal from the login page to what your clients see once they have logged-in. Easily use our intuitive color design options to create a layout that fits your company’s branding. Creating a custom URL is the final step to entirely transform your client portal from the basic SuiteDash settings to something your clients feel secure about logging into.

100% White Label maintains your Brand Continuity!

When you ask your clients to create an account and login to a software platform that is obviously not YOU, you then introduce an element of mistrust and apprehension. SuiteDash give you the ability to completely “White Label” brand the environment (from the login page, to the email notifications, to the logged-in environment) in a way that the client will never know or even think about the source of the software. All they will know when they are using your White Label Branded Client Portal is how impressed they are with how professional you look, and how secure they feel when they login to your portal.

Your clients will feel right at home in your professional & secure Branded Client Portal

Create your White Label Branded Client Portal, and give your clients a seamless experience that compliments your branding.  Using our intuitive logo, color & custom menu options to design a layout that matches your organization’s professional identity.

Capability to create a custom URL

We even provide an automated tool that will allow you to map your own domain name to your Portal so that even the SuiteDash URL will be replaced with yours. Notice in this example that even the Title tag and the Favicon have been customized, and this is easily done using the SuiteDash interface. See an EXAMPLE HERE. This level of White Label Customization is unparalleled in the software world, and gives your Client’s a truly authentic and secure experience as they interact with your brand.

Fully Customizable Email Notifications

Creating branded emails has never been easier. Quickly add your company’s logo, change the layout to your colors and even add your social media profiles. You can continue the branding throughout the layout and design of the email notifications with the subject line, body text, and footer along with being able to change your ‘From’ name and ‘From’ email to better fit your company.

Powerful CRM automates many routine tasks

With a few simple clicks, your potential Clients can be entered, sorted and organized in a way that best fits your agency. During that entry process, you’ll have the power to add that Contact to an Email Marketing List, which can then be optionally connected to an Auto-Responder ( a.k.a. Drip Campaign ), thus setting into motion a series of pre-planned follow up emails that send on autopilot.

Prospects drop directly into your CRM right from your website

Using our Kickoff Forms, you can create and customize an Kickoff Form, embed it directly on your website, and as potential Clients complete the form, they’ll be added directly into your CRM according to your pre-configured settings. There are lots of available options and powerful automations. See here for complete details: Kickoff Forms

Drop-dead simple File Sharing & Exchange

SuiteDash gives you a drop-dead easy way to create a secure file download area for your Client that can be organized using any folder structure you need. They can login and retrieve documents any time without emailing you or your staff to request tax returns from the past three years. Think about how much admin time will be saved!

Share With Your Team. Exchange With Your Clients.

Easily upload virtually any type and size file to be assigned to numerous Clients or teammates. You can share with one or all users in your SuiteDash to keep informed. Automatic email notifications are sent only those that have permission to view the file. Easily permit clients to upload files into projects or in the main file page. Simplify your files page by creating folders that best fit your company.

Intuitive & Efficient Project/Task Management

Manage clients, files, tasks, and team members right inside a Project with ease. Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips. Easily view your workload for all Projects at once using the ‘MyTasks’ menu, or drill down into a specific Project to get a more detailed view of the progress your team is making. Easily track time spent on a particular Project or Task, and add that time as a billable item on an Invoice. Additionally, individual Tasks can be converted into billable items and added directly to Invoices.

Get A Bird’s-eye View Of Everything That Is Happening With ‘All Tasks’

Regularly see what your company is working on with the ‘All Tasks’ menu. This menu allows higher-level users (Admins and Project Managers) the ability to see what projects and task are getting accomplish and which ones are past due. It also allows them to see when clients approve or reject specific task to fix any problems as needed.

Capability To Assign Teammates And Organize Task In Specific Projects

Easily create a ‘Task’ (a step or a smaller project) inside a Project that can be assigned to an internal user or client. A task can help keep everyone on track to completing the larger project on time. Quickly organize task by assigning them to specific teammates or the client to work on and gain approval.

Know What’s Happening With Automatic Email Notifications For Tasks And Projects

Know when task and projects are assigned to you with Automatic Email Notifications. The tasks due dates will automatically be added to your Calendar and appear in your ‘my task’ bar. These notifications keep everyone aware of their responsibilities for projects. Each user can personalize their notification setting to best fit their needs.

Effectively Track Time In a Way That Makes Billing Simpler

Timers are an efficient way to keep track of how much time is spent on a specific task or project. Timers run in the background like a stopwatch until they are paused. Once paused they can be restarted at any time. When a task is complete, the timer will be completed at which point can be turned into billable hours.

Immediately Gain Feedback From Your Clients Regarding Specific Tasks And Items

Easily give clients the ability to provide feedback on task by checking a box on a new task form. This function offers clients the ability to ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ a specific task along with being able to leave comments. After the client has selected a response, you will see their answer on the ‘My Task’ page in red or green.

Powerful Invoicing, Estimates & Contracts capability

Easily build out Estimates and Invoices on a one-time or recurring basis, using from scratch or pre-created ‘Items’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Discounts’. Invoices can be one-off creations, or you can setup ‘Recurring Profiles’ to automatically generate new Invoices and send them to the client on a schedule that you set. Clients can view and pay their assigned Invoices with their choice of gateways that you provide, ensuring payment processing is always done securely and safely.

Easily Build And Send Out Estimates And Invoices To Clients

Create hassle-free Estimates using our simple form that generates different ‘‘Items,’ ‘Discounts,’ and ‘Taxes’ to automatically fill in an Estimate. You can even develop different templates to save time on multiple projects. Once the Estimate is approved, it can then generate an Invoice. At which time Clients will be sent an automated email notification of a new Invoice, to then view and pay right inside their portal.

Easily Set Up Recurring Invoices or Subscription Payments

Easily create a ‘Recurring Profile’ for clients that have your company doing the same project weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Quickly create an invoice for the project, set a time frame for SuiteDash to automatically generate a new invoice to send to the client.

Seamlessly Set Up An Accumulating Profile For Your Clients

An ‘Accumulating Profile’ is perfect for when you want to bill on a regular schedule, yet the total for the bill will differ due to projects. This would be similar to keeping a running tab until it is closed out at the end of the time. Once it is closed an invoice will be generated from preset fields and sent to the client for billing.

Automatically Generate Contracts from Pre-existing Templates

Contracts are elegantly generated by pre-made templates that you create, which are then merged with an existing Estimate or Invoice. All the appropriate client, company, and billing items are pulled into the Contract via placeholders, and the Contract is automatically assigned to the Client.

After Generation, Clients securely log & Digitally Sign

SuiteDash gives companies the ability to develop digital contracts for your Clients. Easily set up a template with a Digital Signature and Date for both the client and Admin to sign. Once generated the Contract can be viewed in SuiteDash along with being able to download a PDF version.

Build in Secure & Private Messaging

Communicate seamlessly with teammates, staff members, clients and other users privately and securely, 1-on-1 or in group messages. Like having your own private email inbox directly inside your dashboard. Organize messages into folders to ensure you never lose track of an important note or directive. Folders can be created and customized to fit your specific needs. Easily filter messages based on users involved, subject, or date, so that important messages are only a few clicks away. Automatic email notifications send to the corresponding users whenever a new private message is sent, ensuring that the intended recipient will know about the message.

Quickly Send Private Messages To One Or A Group At Once

Private messaging is a combination of email and text, only using the best parts of each. All messages are sent like emails, yet they have Guaranteed Read Receipts and thread in one place (SuiteDash inbox). Easily Broadcast a message to the entire organization or to Circles within your organization.

Quickly Answer Common Questions You Receive With Canned Responses

Tired of having to respond to the same question all day? Easily set up Canned Responses, so you don’t have to spend your day typing out the same message to everyone. Quickly set up multiple responses to drop into private messages or as ‘auto-add’ to be automatically placed at the end of private messages.