White Label Client Portal Solution

When you ask your clients to create an account and login to a software platform that is obviously not YOU, you then introduce an element of mistrust and apprehension.

SuiteDash give you the ability to completely “White Label” brand the environment (from the login page, to the email notifications, to the logged-in environment) in a way that the client will never know or even think about the source of the software. All they will know when they are using your White Label Branded Client Portal is how impressed they are with how professional you look, and how secure they feel when they login to your portal.

Custom Branded Login Page

Fully rebrand your SuiteDash environment to match your company styling, and WOW your potential clients when they login for the first time, with the fully branded login page.

Use your own Company logo, color scheme, and background image on your own CUSTOM Login Page, ensuring your clients and internal users have exactly the experience you intend.

Intuitive Color Design Options

Everything from the menu colors, to text colors, to buttons, to the logo of your SuiteDash environment is completely customizable using the intuitive and easy-to-use menu.

Using just some color pickers and an image uploader, you can fully customize the logged-in environment to match your company branding perfectly.

We even offer several pre-made color schemes to get you started!

Branded Email Notifications

Customization extends to automated email notifications as well, with colors, images, and even the optional social media links and copyright text in the footer all being customizable.

Using a host of simple settings, you can make all of the automated emails that send out match your company’s branding, from the subject line, to the email body, to the footer, and beyond.

Fully Branded Custom URL

Bring clients into a customized portal by creating a custom URL for your SuiteDash installation, and ditch the default app.suitedash.com URL.

Paired with the Custom Login settings, your clients and internal users will have no idea that you have built your powerful portal system on SuiteDash.

We even provide FREE SSL for LIFE for the Custom Domain that you setup and link to your SuiteDash account, providing that extra layer of security that puts everyone’s minds at ease.

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