Third Quarter, 2019

Custom Forms & Questionnaire Builder

Build completely customizable Forms that you can use with your already existing Prospects & Clients. If you need more information from a Client, you need to update a Client’s data, or you require specific information at a specific Phase of a Project, you will be able to use the SuiteDash Custom Form Builder to accomplish these goals.

Build Completely Custom Questionnaire Forms that fit your needs

Answers are stored in the Prospect/Client’s CRM Profile

A series of Actions can be triggered based on the answers given

Trigger SuiteDash Automations when the Forms are submitted

Onboarding & On-Demand FLOWs

With ‘FLOW’s or ‘Facilitating Logically Organized Work’, you will be able to create a multi-step FLOW that can include a custom series of ‘FLOW Steps’ that can include steps that require the completion of a custom Questionnaire Form, requests the upload of files, offers the download of files, displays policies & requires a check to agree, or even a step that requires a contract eSignature.

Create multi-step FLOWs that can include a series of customizable ‘FLOW Steps’

FLOWs can be created as an ‘Onboarding’ type or as an ‘On Demand’ type

Create a single step FLOW or make as many steps as you need!

At each step, trigger an action or set of actions based upon that step’s completion

The FLOW Dashboard will tell you at all times where a particular Client is within the FLOW

The data collected from the FLOW will be stored in the appropriate FLOW Folder

Customizable Client Dashboards

You’ll have the ability to create a custom Dashboard for each Client if you choose, or create a custom Dashboard that can be assigned to a Circle of Clients. On these Dashboards, you’ll be able to customize the layout, deploy a series of widgets, progress trackers, etc..

Project Overview Widget

Shared Files & File Upload Widget

Outstanding Invoices Widget

Onboarding FLOW Widget

Drag/Drop Page Builder

A step beyond the traditional WYSIWYG (What you see is what your get) editor, our upcoming SuiteDash Page Builder will empower even the newest of newbies to build clean & attractive Pages for Client Portals, Intranet Pages, or even… hint, hint, Website Pages 🙂

Build pages with easy Drag/Drop

Work from pre-built Templates to save time

Use dynamic data from Projects, Invoices & CRM

Share the Pages you create with the SuiteDash community

Use SuiteDash to power your company’s website!

Customizable Reports

Slice and dice your data from every angle. Choose time frames and variables from an intuitive interface, and get back your data in the form that you need it. Export to CSV or PDF from there.

Reporting Tool with User Defined variables

Parse data from Clients, Projects, Billing, and more!

Export data to CSV or download in PDF format

Additional Features

Our development is always directed by our Customers, and their ‘boots on the ground’ needs. We are always listening, aggregating these needs, and molding the direction of SuiteDash to fit those very real needs.

Addition of the Gateway

Ability to create a New Task in a Project via a coded email address

Ability to import bulk Items into the Billing/Invoicing Tool

Major Improvements to the Translation Functionality

Fourth Quarter, 2019

Keep an eye on this page for Roadmap Updates

SuiteDash’s future development is very often directed by the feedback from our many customers!

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