First Quarter, 2019

Enhanced Client Portals

A full collection of widgets that can be customized, rearranged & assigned specifically to one Client, a group of Clients or all Clients… all based on your preferences.

Clients see Project Overview, Progress & Updates

Clients easily see their Files for download

Sequential Onboarding Tasks for Clients

Easy & Clear for your Clients

Modern, Responsive Design

Customizable Onboarding

Fully customizable onboarding forms will let you collect the specific information you need, hide any unnecessary questions, and re-order the fields in any way you wish.

Additionally, we will be offering the SuiteDash Form Creator that will enable you to create any number of forms for any purpose. For each form, you’ll be able to assign triggers and automations that will be set into motion when a Client or Prospect completes the form with a particular set of requirements.

Customize the onboarding form, including custom fields

Create, Hide, and Reorder fields to fit your needs

Trigger a series of Automations when Forms are submitted

Build an Acquisition Funnel that works on autopilot

Automate your Onboarding process

Embed Forms on your Website

Inside your SuiteDash account, you’ll be able to copy/paste a code snippet that you will then be able to embed on your website. That code will produce an intake form that follows the requirements that you set, and your website visitors will be able to easily fill the form out, and immediately enter your funnel.

You can assign a series of triggers & automations to these forms such as Event Templates, Email Marketing Autoresponders, Project Templates, etc…

Embed onboarding / intake forms into your website

Ability to style the form to match your website

Customize to fit the needs of your business

Trigger a series of Automations when Forms are submitted

Bring your website visitors directly into your Acquisition funnel

Drag/Drop Page Builder

A quantum leap past the traditional WYSIWYG (What you see is what your get) editor, our upcoming SuiteDash Page Builder will empower even the newest of newbies to build clean & attractive Pages for Client Portals, Intranet Pages, or even… hint, hint, Website Pages 🙂

Build pages with easy Drag/Drop

Work from pre-built Templates to save time

Use dynamic data from Projects, Invoices & CRM

Share the Pages you create with the SuiteDash community

Use SuiteDash to power your company’s website!

Customizable Reports

Slice and dice your data from every angle. Choose time frames and variables from an intuitive interface, and get back your data in the form that you need it. Export to CSV or PDF from there.

Reporting Tool with User Defined variables

Parse data from Clients, Projects, Billing, and more!

Export data to CSV or download in PDF format

White Label Mobile App

We will publish a generic “My Portal” app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There will be no branding associated with the app, but as soon as your Clients login, the app will load your logo, your colors, and the Client’s account information.

You can instruct Clients how to access via mobile app

Just direct your Clients to the ‘Portal App’ in the app stores

App adopts your branding immediately after login

Second Quarter, 2019

Keep an eye on this page for Roadmap Updates

SuiteDash’s future development is very often directed by the feedback from our many customers!

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