Second Quarter, 2021

File Transfer

Ever wanted just to simply send a BIG file or set of files to someone without the hassle of creating an account for them? File Transfer is the answer!

You may need to send tax returns to a banker, deliver logo files to a designer, or any number of scenarios where the recipient doesn’t have a login to your Portal… and of course the files are sensitive, or too large for email attachments. With File Transfer, you’ll be able to simply upload the file(s), specify the email address of the recipient, configure the security options to fit your needs, and click GO.

The recipient will receive an email containing a secure link which leads them to a branded file download interface. You can secure via password, set an expiration date, and even limit the # of clicks the link would be valid for.

COMPLETEDThis feature is LIVE

Securely deliver large files to anyone without requiring login

Password protect the delivery, set an expiration, or limit the # of clicks

Bypass size limitations associated with sending files via email

Easily send large files to non-techy clients or customers

Appointment Scheduling Toolkit 2.0

We’ll be extending the functionality of the Appointment Scheduling Toolkit.

Currently the Appointment Scheduling Toolkit allows your Prospects or Clients to view availability, and easily schedule a time slot. That time slot will then show as an Event on both your Calendar and on the Calendar of the Prospect/Client. We’ll be extending this functionality with features requested by the Community.

And, to really power up the possibilities, you will also be able to assign automated Actions that would be triggered by the scheduling of the time slot.


2-Way integration/sync with Google Calendar

Zoom integration : Automatically configure a Zoom meeting link

Enable useful Automations that are triggered by the booking

Automatically send emails & grant File access after booking

Allow multiple Clients to book a single Appointment Slot

Dashboard 2.0

Our Content Block Editor (CBE) will be taken to the next level, empowering even the newest of newbies to build clean & attractive layouts in more and more areas of the platform, including the Dashboard. In addition to standard formatting blocks like Text, Images, Banners, Charts, etc. We will also be implementing even more Custom Blocks that will enhance your ability to create functional and beautiful Dashboards, Start Pages & more.

The current Dashboard Widgets will be rebuilt as Blocks for the CBE, and then the CBE will be used to format/design the Dashboard. This will unlock a wide range of powerful options for the Dashboard, both now and in the future.


Configure Dashboard with easy Drag/Drop

Work from pre-built Templates to save time

Use dynamic data from Projects, Invoices & CRM

Share the Dashboards you create with the SuiteDash Community

Ability to Chat with Clients

We have an upgrade coming for our Live Chat feature – the ability to chat with Clients! This will be completely configurable on the admin side. Not only will you be able to enable or disable Client chat, but you can choose which Staff Members the Client can chat with.

Live Chat is a popular and convenient feature for Clients who don’t want to wait for an email response, or be stuck in a phone queue.


Enable instant communication between your Clients and Staff

Choose to restrict which Staff Members your Clients can chat with

Choose to enable chat only when the Staff Member initiates a conversation

Give your Clients the fastest way to provide support

LMS (Learning Management System)

One of our most anticipated features is our Learning Management System. With LMS, you’ll be able to create Courses and structure them with Modules & Lessons. In addition, you’ll be able to build Quizzes that can be assigned as the completion step for any Lesson, Module or Course. You will then be able to assign Trigger/Action Automations to change permissions based on the results!

Create and assign Courses for either your Clients or your Staff.  Selling a Course? Need to train new Staff?

LMS offers a great way to educate your users and track their performance.


Create your own learning courses and training programs for both Clients and Staff

Your users will be able to see a percentage of their progress as they go through the course

Configure their access to areas in the platform depending on the results of their assessment

Enroll and manage your users; track and assess their performance

Conditional Fields in Forms

Conditional Logic in Forms has been one of the most popular suggestions on our Feature Feedback Board. With this new feature, you can use fewer forms and consolidate your data collection into one onboarding path. Request certain information only when appropriate based on the answers given for other form fields.


Show/Hide form fields based on user input

Use to show additional questions when needed

Helps consolidate forms and further streamline your processes

Stripe & ACH

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a popular method of bank-to-bank payment in the US – and we’re bringing this feature to SuiteDash!

This feature will be available when using for both Stripe and Your Contact will be able to safely and securely provide their bank account details. In addition, this payment method will be added to our Stored Payment Information feature, in which your Contact can authorize your business to make payments on their behalf. The data will be protected and encrypted just like a credit card on file.


Lower fees than a credit card  or paper check transaction, saving your business money

Give your customers an easy, convenient alternate method of payment

Ability to securely store ACH bank account information for future transactions

Digital Signing of PDFs

You’ll be able to use your own PDFs for eSigning.  Our current eSign functionality uses Contract Templates + Dynamic Data Placeholders to auto-generate Contracts, which are then available for signing. However, this approach doesn’t allow you to use an existing PDF form.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to upload your existing PDFs, configure the data & signing options and then assign/send to your Clients and/or Staff for eSigning. You’ll also be able to create Templates using PDFs so that the template can be used in your Automations.

Use your own PDFs for Digital Signing

Integrate Dynamic Data Placeholders

Templates help you standardize & streamline

Create Automations that include eSigning PDFs + Dynamic Data

Sync Email into CRM

Email Sync will let you selectively choose to “file” email communications with your Leads, Prospects & Clients into the CRM.

We’ll provide you with a specially coded email address that you can then use in the BCC field with all Contact interactions. Those emails and your Contact’s replies will be received also by SuiteDash and sorted using your Contact’s email address. Those emails will then be shown in a dedicated Email History tab in the CRM Dashboard for that Contact.

You’ll then be able to store all of the email history with a Contact directly in that Contact’s profile, and be able to search that history to find specific messages or data.

Selectively sync email communications with your Contacts into CRM

Emails to and from a Contact are stored conveniently in their Dashboard

Search through the synced emails to find a specific message or piece of data

Easy-to-use BCC Email address lets you selectively choose which emails to file

Support Tickets

You’ll be able to dump that monthly subscription for whatever Support Ticket system you’re using and direct your Clients/Customers to your fully branded Help Desk, powered by SuiteDash.

You will be able to fully customize the ‘Support Request’ form and both you and your Clients/Customers will be able to view all tickets and the history of all tickets. When you respond, they will receive an email notification with your answers. For the ultimate convenience, they can just reply to that email to send back an answer, and their answer will be properly logged in the ticket… and the same for your Support Staff.

Fully White Labeled Help Desk to support your Clients/Customers

Clients can log in and view a history of support requests

Clients can simply reply to email notifications to respond with answers

Support Tickets can be converted directly into a Project, Estimate or Invoice

Admin side will include ‘canned responses’ to easily respond with pre-built answers/replies, tags, etc… for ease of use

Installment Payments

We’re making billing even better by allowing you to offer Installment Payments to your Clients. You will be able to configure the plan however you’d like, including the number of installments and time intervals. Set up reminder emails for each payment, and best of all, configure a unique set of Actions when each individual Installment Payment is made.

You’ll also be able to save an Installment Payment configuration for easy reuse.

Give your Clients the flexible option of installment payments – increase sales and customer loyalty

Fully customizable plans, including the number of installments, time intervals, and the ability to set different amounts for each payment

Set a minimum amount for partial payment

Use Trigger/Action Automations to execute unique actions for each payment

Pre-Populated Translation Sets

We’ll be making SuiteDash more globally accessible than ever by offering pre-populated translations for the platform. You’ll be able to choose which languages you’d like to enable in your account, and the entire platform will be translated into one of those languages at the click of a button. This feature is also extended to your Contacts, so they can choose and easily switch to the language of their preference.

After you’ve loaded the default language sets, you can then use our powerful Translations tool to make changes as needed to improve the translation or to better suit the terminology of your business.

Instantly translate the platform into Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more!

Load the translation set(s) of your choice, and then make changes as needed for your use case

You and your Contacts can quickly switch between preferred languages

Enforce 2FA for all Users

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to keep your data secure and protect your company. We already offer 2FA as a feature that’s available to all the users in your account, but it’s optional to each user. This new options will give you the option of making 2FA required.

Knowing that every one of your Staff members is definitely protecting their login with 2FA will give you peace of mind, you’ll have an extra layer of security, your customers will appreciate the increased protection of their sensitive data and reward you with increased loyalty.

Protect your company by significantly decreasing the risk of unauthorized access and system breaches

Boost your customer reputation by showing your business will take the extra step to protect their data

Increase productivity and flexibility by allowing secure access from any mobile device

Thumbnail/Grid View for Files

Our Files module is getting a makeover! Instead of having to sift through a textual list, you’ll be able to view files in a Grid view complete with thumbnails of any images or videos.

Viewing files in a Grid view means being able to view more content without having to scroll down, making it quicker to locate what you need. The ability to see the thumbnails for images and videos means you won’t have to just rely on the file name to find what you’re looking for.

View your files in a convenient “grid” format, making it quicker to browse and locate documents

See a thumbnail of an image or video without having to click on the file to generate a preview

Present your files in an organized, responsive and visually-appealing way

Twilio Integration

Twilio is a widely-known cloud communications platform, and we’re excited to offer an Integration with this service. This will open the door for SMS text notifications, phone calls, and voice chat through SuiteDash.

You’ll be able to manage and associate your calls with the users in your platform. Call your Contact directly through the platform without having to ever pick up a phone, as well as conduct conference calls with your Staff in the same way. Users will be able to configure their notification settings to receive SMS messages instead of emails.

Give your users the option of receiving SMS notifications instead of email notifications. Or, they can receive both.

Make and receive calls in one click from within the platform – no need to switch back and forth to an external phone to call your Contacts.

Easily set up conferences calls and meetings with your Staff

Play a pre-recorded message for your Contacts when they contact you via phone

3rd Party “Collaborator” Role

Traditional business logic is typically centered around a two-sided structure with the business on one side and the Client on the other.

However, there is a growing breed of businesses that have a more complex structure that more closely resembles a triangle, or a three-sided structure.

The new Collaborator role is intended to serve this new breed of businesses via the creation of a new type of User that will be given very limited access and visibility based on the settings enabled by the Admin. For example, you may create a new Collaborator user and grant that user visibility to see a particular Client or Client’s profile, uploaded files or form submission data. The Collaborator then would be able to assess that Client and the Client’s data complete their side of however the business logic is configured.

The plan is to continue extending the functionality and features related to this Collaborator role based on feedback from our customers.

Extend the possibilities beyond a two-sided business logic

Allow a 3rd party Collaborator access to a Client(s) data on a strict permission only basis

Collaborator role has no visibility or capabilities in the Portal unless specifically granted by the Admin

Enables a three-tiered business logic popular with many of today’s platforms

“Super-Client” Role

There are times when businesses deal with a Client company that has multiple offices or locations, and this presents an issue if the “home office” wants to have visibility and access to Projects or other assets that are in the works with one or all of their sub-offices or satellite locations.

The Super-Client role is intended to serve in these situations to enable a single user or multiple users to be selected as the ‘parent’ Client(s) of some set of other Client(s).

A Super-Client will be able to function exactly like a typical client, but they will additionally have access and visibility to all the Projects, Files and other Portal Content that is permissioned to their ‘child’ Clients.

Enables an efficient organization structure when working with a multi-location Company as your Client

The Super-Client we’ll have permission and visibility of all their assigned child-Client  projects, files, invoices, portal content, etc…

CRM Dashboard Refresh

You uh, wanna explain this one Mike





Advanced Filtering & Reports

Slice and dice your data from every angle. Choose time frames and variables from an intuitive interface, and get back your data in the form that you need it. Export to CSV or PDF from there.

Parse data from Clients, Projects, Billing, and more!

Reporting Tool with User Defined variables

Export data to CSV or download in PDF format

Advanced CRM Search Tool

A step beyond the traditional WYSIWYG (What you see is what your get) editor, our upcoming SuiteDash Page Builder will empower even the newest of newbies to build clean & attractive Pages for Client Portals, Knowledge Base Pages, or even… hint, hint, Website Pages ????

Build pages with easy Drag/Drop

Work from pre-built Templates to save time

Use dynamic data from Projects, Invoices & CRM

Share the Pages you create with the SuiteDash community

Use SuiteDash to power your company’s website? (see below)

Website Builder Tool

Imagine that you can map your Top Level Domain to your SuiteDash account, and using our website builder tool, you’ll be able to build your actual website at

Now imagine that on that website, you can display your Intake Form for interested Prospects, which will feed directly into your CRM. This will then trigger a set of follow-up Events on your Calendar and also add that Prospect to an Email Marketing List and trigger a follow-up Drip Campaign.

And, also imagine that on that website is a File Upload widget , a Support Request form, and a variety of other pre-built Integrations…all powered by SuiteDash.

And finally, imagine that there is a login form on that website. If a Staff member logs in, they see an entire suite of productivity and collaboration tools. If a Client logs in, they see a fully customized Client Portal.

Power your website itself using SuiteDash’s powerful tools

Seamlessly and simply integrate your Intake Forms, File Uploads Tools, etc…

You, your Staff & your Clients all login using the website’s Login

When Staff logs in, they will see the SuiteDash platform with collaboration/productivity tools

When Prospects/Clients login, they will see their own unique Client Portal and content

No more ’embedding’ widgets on your website, no more integrations, no more complication

All of SuiteDash’s integrated tools/forms will be easy to place into the SuiteDash powered website. THIS IS THE FUTURE!

XERO Integration

One of our most requested integrations is Xero, and we’re listening to you! You’ll be able sync your Invoices, Payments, etc.. into Xero to keep a good handle on your financial transactions facilitated via SuiteDash.

Sync your Invoices into Xero

When payments are made, we’ll update Xero

Native integration will be easy to setup

Google Sheets Integration

Get ready for the ultimate in streamlined data!

Imagine controlling all of the data that your Clients see from one easy to edit spreadsheet. When you connect the Google Sheets integration, you’ll be able to update data fields using all the power and flexibility of Google Sheets, and those changes will be reflected SuiteDash’s Dynamic Data Fields.

The integration will automatically map the rows and columns to match your clients and custom fields – leaving you only the satisfying experience of updating client data in one place, and having that data automatically updated in each one of your Client’s Portals.


Enables near real-time data feed to your Client Portal

Update Dynamic Data Fields directly from a Google Sheet

Automatic mapping of rows and columns to match your Clients and Custom Fields

Connecting your data fields to the power of  Google opens up endless possibilities, integrations, and connections with real-time data streams

SuiteDash is proud to be a Community directed platform!

We design and calibrate our Roadmap based on suggestions and feedback from our Community

Check Back for Roadmap Updates

SuiteDash’s future development is very often directed by the feedback from our amazing Community. We are grateful for all the participation and helpful feedback!

Don’t see a feature? Tell us!

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