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2016-SuiteDash-Icons-ProjectManagmentProject Management

Projects are more easily handled when they are broken down into methodical, organized steps. SuiteDash lets you create projects that integrate & associate not only the client, but also a powerful integration of staff members, collaborators, files, tasks, notes, reminders, events and more… connected & organized in an intuitive way so that you’re never more than a click or two from your destination.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-IntegratedCRMIntegrated CRM Solution

An integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component lets you keep track of all your clients, their relevant information, their position in your sales funnel, and more… And, because SuiteDash also includes Online Project Management and Invoicing, you’ll be able to re-use and re-purpose their info & preferences into those components in an efficient way.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-3DFileSharingSecure 3D File Sharing

Gives the Site Manager the power to upload files that are exclusively permissioned to a particular client or set of clients. Permits clients to upload files to their Client Portal to be shared with the Admin, Staff or even other Clients, and sends email to chosen users/admins to notify them of the new file upload.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-StaffStaff Management

Not only can you easily include your staff in projects, you can quickly assign tasks, set reminders, send alerts, and more… Even better, each action you take can be assigned or permissioned to one, several, most or all users, depending on group or project affiliation.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-CalendarInteractive Calendar

Easily track & manage tasks using the Interactive Calendar, which allows users to view, edit, & reschedule their existing assigned tasks from one easy interface, & even create new ones. Admins have the additional power to see tasks for all users, giving them full work flow control in a bird’s-eye view.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-InvoicingProposals & Invoicing

Your invoices and estimates can be generated, customized, delivered and paid all from within SuiteDash, thus eliminating the need to use a separate solution for this task. Keep your invoicing in the same place where your clients, projects & time tracking lives. Make sense, doesn’t it?

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-MessagingIntuitive Messaging

Say goodbye to outside Instant Messaging solutions that don’t really serve your needs in an integrated way. SuiteDash uses an innovative messaging system that operates on ‘channels’ thus giving each project, milestone, task, invoice, etc… its’ own stream of messaging. In addition, direct and group messaging is easy and effective.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-PrivateClientPortalPrivate Client Portals

SuiteDash lets you create secure & private Secure Client Portals that let you interact with your Clients & Customers in a modern and sophisticated way. Posting documents, updates, and files to the Client’s Portal lets them login securely to view & respond. No more annoying limitations to size & type of files when trying to share via email.

2016-SuiteDash-Icons-KnowledgeBaseWhite Label Branded

SuiteDash lets you completely brand the entire environment. Your own URL or sub-domain will lead to a fully branded login page. After login, users see your 100% White Label environment, complete with your logo and colors. Even email notifications are 100% branded. Impress your clients!


100% branded with your company’s logo, colors & URL



Everything you need to run your office in ONE DASHBOARD®




SuiteDash is a browser based, hosted solution that gives you the power to manage projects, clients, staff, invoicing, tasking, communications, file sharing, and much more, all from just ONE DASHBOARD®
SuiteDash is a smart web app that is responsive down to the tablet level. Additionally, we are currently developing a dedicated mobile app, which we hope to have ready for launch in late summer 2016.
Definitely not. SuiteDash is very versatile and can be used by many types of businesses, big or small. Our customers include web designers, consultants, insurance agencies, software developers, realtors, lawyers, health professionals, and much more.
The main goal of SuiteDash is to save our customers time and money. We achieve this by making the software as intuitive, easy to use, and user friendly as possible, so you spend less time learning the system, and more time making it work for your business.


Currently SuiteDash plans start from as low as $9/month, and go up from there, just depending on your needs. All license levels start with a 30 Day FREE Trial! You can check out full pricing details HERE
Nope! After the initial 30 Day FREE Trial, if you decide to continue with SuiteDash it is a monthly recurring charge, and you can cancel at anytime.
Yes! All new customers get a 30 Day FREE Trial, with no credit card required at sign-up. After your FREE Trial ends, you are free to choose your desired license level, or simply walk away with no money spent.
All SuiteDash subscriptions start with a 30 Day FREE Trial, with no credit card required. After that, you can select your desired license level, enter your payment info, and you will be billed for your first month on that date, then once per month after that, the same date each month.

Files & Data

Absolutely. All of our servers utilize SSL Encryption Technology, just like your online banking. Additionally, the data center that hosts SuiteDash is SAS 70 Type II certified, and we are PCI DSS compliant and never store credit card information on our servers.
All data on our servers is replicated in real-time to other servers in the data center and backed up off-site nightly with monthly snapshots, so there’s no chance of anything being lost.
Each license level has an allotted amount of allowed file storage, ranging from 1GB for the Basic Package, all the way up to 100GB for the Elite Package, so you can choose the level that’s right for your needs.
Should a total utility power outage ever occur, all of our data centers’ power systems are designed to run uninterrupted, with every server receiving conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power.


Can you rely on SuiteDash?

The top priorities here at SuiteDash are privacy and security. We ensure that all of our customer data is protected, from the initial purchase and registration phase, all the way through to you creating your own client accounts and uploading files. From A to Z, we believe in top-notch security for your data, and the data of your clients and employees.

Automatic Backups

Your data is automatically replicated in real-time to other servers in the data center, and backed up off-site nightly, with monthly snapshots.

Certified and Compliant

The data center that hosts SuiteDash is SAS 70 Type II certified. In addition, we are PCI DSS compliant and never store credit card information on our servers.


Airtight Security

Our servers are hardened and regularly patched with the latest updates to protect against attacks. Physical access to the servers is restricted and controlled.

Bank-level Encryption

SSL Secure Sockets Layer Encryption Technology (just like your Online Banking) ensures your data is always secured and never visible to the wrong users.

Estimates, Invoicing & Contracts

Customer Relationship Management

Advanced File Sharing

Private Messaging

Project Management

Client Roles

Secure Client Portal Software