SaaS Project ManagmentProject Management

Projects are more easily handled when they are broken down into methodical, organized steps. SuiteDash lets you create projects that integrate & associate not only the client, but also a powerful integration of staff members, collaborators, files, tasks, notes, reminders, events and more… connected & organized in an intuitive way so that you’re never more than a click or two from your destination.

Integrated SaaS CRM SolutionIntegrated CRM Solution

An integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component lets you keep track of all your clients, their relevant information, their position in your sales funnel, and more… And, because SuiteDash also includes Online Project Management and Invoicing, you’ll be able to re-use and re-purpose their info & preferences into those components in an efficient way.

SaaS Private Client PortalPrivate Client Portals

SuiteDash lets you create secure and private Secure Client Portals that let you interact with your Clients and Customers in a modern and sophisticated way. Posting documents, updates, and files to the Client’s Portal lets them login securely to view and respond. No more annoying limitations to size and type of files when trying to share via email.

Secure 3D File SharingSecure 3D File Sharing

Gives the Site Manager the power to upload files that are exclusively permissioned to a particular client or set of clients. Permits clients to upload files to their Client Portal to be shared with the Admin, Staff or even other Clients, and sends email to chosen users/admins to notify them of the new file upload.

SaaS Software for Project ManagementIntuitive Messaging (IM)

Say goodbye to outside Instant Messaging solutions that don’t really serve your needs in an integrated way. SuiteDash uses an innovative messaging system that operates on ‘channels’ thus giving each project, milestone, task, invoice, etc… its’ own stream of messaging. In addition, direct and group messaging is easy and effective.

SaaS Software for Client PortalsProposals & Invoicing

Your invoices and estimates can be generated, customized, delivered and paid all from within SuiteDash, thus eliminating the need to use a separate solution for this task. Keep your invoicing in the same place where your clients, projects & time tracking lives. Make sense, doesn’t it?

SaaS Software for 3D File SharingStaff Management

Not only can you easily include your staff in projects, you can quickly assign tasks, set reminders, send alerts, and more… Even better, each action you take can be assigned or permissioned to one, several, most or all users, depending on group or project affiliation.

SaaS Software for Invoicing and BillingKnowledge Base

SuiteDash lets you create an integrated learning center that can be used to train in-house employees or used as a Learning Center for your clients and their staff. Only those with permissions will be able to access the information. Content can include videos, PDFs, Downloadable files, and much more.

Project Management Software

SuiteDash is a full-featured, easy-to-use SaaS project management system for project planning, tracking and online collaboration.

Conventional project management tools put the load of developing and updating project plans, attempting to keep teams on task with the agenda and keeping track of mission advancement on the managers’ shoulders. SuiteDash provides an online project management option that reduces the burden of managment duties and allows you to pay attention to what is actually significant. Do you delegate assignments to your staff members by means of composing lots of e-mails every day? SuiteDash assists you to construct precise agendas and work together without abandoning your familiar ecosystem – e-mail. Online collaboration delivered by SuiteDash can make your organization and work faster, simpler and much more effective. Project revisions are disseminated to the team members immediately.

Making the most of SuiteDash’s project planning tools, doesn’t just get you beneficial timeline software at your service, but additionally quicker and easier project tracking.

SuiteDash enables you to discuss projects together with your collaborators, clients and associates getting them included in your online project management and collaboration. SuiteDash’s scalability means it is an excellent tie in with both online project management and enterprise project management. Many opt for SuiteDash because of its highly effective combination of online functionalities packaged into a friendly, modern interface. SuiteDash is business management software that mixes the usefulness of project planning, online project management, task scheduling software, task management, time tracking & web-based invoicing software.


In simplest terms, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, meaning a system or strategy for managing client interactions, dealing with future and current clients, and handling and maintaining client relationships. With a powerful CRM system, you can keep track of all your clients and their data (emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc), as well as notate scheduled meetings, phone calls, and other events, all with a few clicks. Gone are the days of the rolodex and the appointment book.

A good CRM system can connect with other systems, allowing you to utilize your existing client database for other items, such as creating projects, and sending out invoices. The CRM component of SuiteDash does exactly that, plus the added bonus that SuiteDash also includes features like Project Management and Invoicing, all within the same app.

SuiteDash’s CRM system allows you to create and manage clients and companies within the system, and track scheduled actions, monetary goals, and sales funnel position, all from one menu. Additionally, the different roles (Lead, Prospect, Client) allow you to quickly “at a glance” see where your relationship stands with your client, and you can easily see how close you are to closing the sale.

Estimates & Invoicing

The key to a useful invoicing system is the ability to handle every step of a sale, from start to finish, in one flow, without having to enter any repeated data.

The intuitive and all-encompassing Billing system of SuiteDash allows you to easily create estimates, get approval from the client, convert that approved estimate to invoice, and get payment from that same client, all within the same app. The system isn’t limited to single one-time invoices, either. You can also easily create automatic recurring invoices for your clients, that generate on your desired schedule (weekly, monthly, etc). Once you setup a recurring invoice the first time and save it, SuiteDash handles everything from there, and the system will continuously generate new invoices on your set schedule, assign them to the corresponding client(s), and send them automated email notifications regarding their new invoice.

When clients login to view their invoices, they will be able to make payment right inside their dashboard, and you will receive an email letting you know about their payment. Contracts ( Coming Soon ) can also be generated existing estimates or invoices as download PDFs, and the contract data is automatically filled based on the assigned client.

3D File Sharing

The file sharing component of SuiteDash was developed with one word in mind: control.

When a user uploads a file, they have full control over the permissions and access of that file, including who can see it, download it, delete it, and edit it. Permissions for files can be controlled on a per-user basis, and multiple users can be given access for particular files, allowing them to in-turn assign the files to other users. Individual permissions can be modified for each assigned user, allowing the file author to directly control who can do what with a particular file.

When a new file is assigned to a user, the system automatically sends an email to the chosen users to notify them of the new file upload. Additionally, files can be easily categorized, tagged, and organized into folders, making finding and displaying the necessary files incredibly easy. File versioning is also supported, which allows users to upload new versions of a file on top of the original, so you can easily see the “history” of a file’s progression with just a few clicks.

Nearly all file types are supported by default, and the ability for users in your installation to upload certain file types can be restricted and modified based on your needs.


SuiteDash is a browser based, hosted solution that gives you the power to manage projects, clients, staff, invoicing, tasking, communications, file sharing, and much more, all from just ONE DASHBOARD®
SuiteDash is a smart web app that is responsive down to the tablet level. Additionally, we have plans to implement mobile phone integration and responsiveness in the near future.
Definitely not. SuiteDash is very versatile and can be used by many types of businesses, big or small. Our customers include web designers, consultants, insurance agencies, software developers, realtors, lawyers, health professionals, and much more.
The main goal of SuiteDash is to save our customers time and money. We achieve this by making the software as intuitive, easy to use, and user friendly as possible, so you spend less time learning the system, and more time making it work for your business.


Currently SuiteDash plans start from as low as $3/month with a one-time $17 license fee, and go up from there, just depending on your needs. You can check out full pricing details HERE
Nope! It’s a one-time license fee to sign-up, and then a monthly recurring charge after the first month, and you can cancel at anytime.
Right now, you can get started with SuiteDash at a huge discount, thanks to our current Beta Pricing model. As long as your account remains active, you will in this discounted pricing for LIFE. But, fair warning, this discounted Beta Pricing can come to an end at any time.
All SuiteDash subscriptions are billed starting 1 month after your initial License Fee payment, on the same date each month.

Files & Data

Absolutely. All of our servers utilize SSL Encryption Technology, just like your online banking. Additionally, the data center that hosts SuiteDash is SAS 70 Type II certified, and we are PCI DSS compliant and never store credit card information on our servers.
All data on our servers is replicated in real-time to other servers in the data center and backed up off-site nightly with monthly snapshots, so there’s no chance of anything being lost.
Each license level has an allotted amount of allowed file storage, ranging from 1GB for the Basic Package, all the way up to 100GB for the Elite Package, so you can choose the level that’s right for your needs.
Should a total utility power outage ever occur, all of our data centers’ power systems are designed to run uninterrupted, with every server receiving conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power.

Secure Client Portal Software