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Business Management & Client Portal Software


Imagine having a single unified software tool that can help you manage, organize & maximize your day to day business tasks


Secure Client Portals


CRM Tracking Funnel Tool


Project Management


Integrated Calendar


Estimates & Invoices


Time Tracking & Billing


File Sharing & Exchange

Client Proofing Approval Tool Software

Proofing & Approval Tool

Email Marketing Drip Campaign Portal

Email & Drip Marketing

Attorney Lawyer Law Office Matter Management

Integrated Private Messaging

Integrated Live Chat Client Software

Live Direct & Group Chat

White Label Client Portal Intranet

White Label Branding

One platform. One password. Everything you need.

CRM, Client Portals, Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing & Online Payments, Email Marketing, Integrated Live Chat & 100% White Label Branding. Everything you need to generate leads, boost sales, get paid and communicate with your team and your clients.

Eliminate data inconsistency & wasted effort

Remove the barriers to your data, and boost efficiency. All parts of SuiteDash share the same data. No more copy, paste or duplicate entries. Don’t spend your valuable time with other software trying to force multiple systems to work together.

Bank Level Security & Encryption

All data to and from SuiteDash is fully encrypted, and every file you store on our servers is encrypted at rest, which means they are 100% secure. Your clients can securely pay their invoices or setup recurring billing directly on the platform.

“We now have the tools to stay organized even when things get hectic. Our project team works in sync in the office, and our guys in the field are able to provide info and mark items complete using the mobile app. When those items are complete, we send an invoice. What used to be forgotten, is now done, invoiced, paid and we are on to the next thing.”

— Amanda

“We made the switch, and now we are all much happier in this environment. Using software before always felt like maybe it was more work than it was saving us, but SuiteDash is different. Logging in to one place, using automated tools and reducing bloat… it’s easy to get used to. And the support is really good to boot.”

— Alexandria

“None of my clients see the name “SuiteDash” anywhere, so they all think I’m paying big money for this custom-built solution that took weeks to develop, but I’m actually paying a reasonable monthly fee and it only took a few minutes to setup! I can’t recommend SuiteDash highly enough!”

— Matip L.