cloud crm and client portal software

Powerful CRM Funnel & Onboarding Tool

Client Management + Automations

Add Contacts manually, by import, or by embedding a form on your website

Auto-Add Contacts to a built in Email Marketing Drip Campaign

Auto-Assign permissions to Files/Docs/Pages using Client Circles

Auto-Assign Contacts to a specific Coordinator (point of contact)

Auto-Schedule your Calendar with Prospect/Client follow ups

Auto-Generate Projects using Project Profiles & Templates

Embed Intake Forms on your website

Customize the Intake Form with your questions & Custom Data Fields

Easily create Custom Fields on the fly while customizing the Intake Form

Customize the styling of the form via built-in settings & Custom CSS so that it matches your website perfectly

Auto-assign permissions & auto-trigger automations when the Intake Form is submitted

Use Forms in your Portal

CRM Update Forms let you update existing Contacts or present them with follow-up Forms that add more info to their profiles

For each Form, you can customize the Actions that are triggered when the Form is submitted. Available Actions (Automations & Integrations) will grow over time

General Purpose Forms give you even more flexibility

Trigger Automations & Integrations automatically

One-Stop Client Management

See & Manage all Contact info & resources in one place

Make Clients private so that only certain Staff can view

Assign each Client a Client Coordinator as their point of contact

Keep Private or Shared Notes on every interaction with the Contact

Quickly create & manage Internal Tasks related to the Client

Upload/Manage/Download all Client Files from their Dashboard

Automate with Client Circles

Circles give you the power to make assignments based on Circle affiliation

Easily assign Circle(s) in the Add Contact form, or via an Intake Form

Pre-create entire sets of Portal Pages, File Repos, & assign via Circle

Clients can be part of just one Circle, or multiple Circles

Simple drag/drop to add/remove Clients from Circle

Deal Stages Pipeline

Track key metrics during a sales process through stages

Four different view styles to choose from to monitor the pipeline from all angles

Drag-and-drop Deals cards to different stages in a Kanban-style interface

Keep your sales team organized and focused as you track opportunities

Forecast revenue and business growth, and receive insight to drive new initiatives

Event Templates & Calendar

Event Templates allow you to ‘pre-create’ and auto-schedule follow-ups related to a specific Contact

Easily ‘Set & Forget’ Events on your calendar for a meeting, send a follow-up email or reach out to Contact

Events are displayed on your Calendar to keep you on track

You can sync your SuiteDash calendar with your Google Calendar

Client Data Import/Export

Powerful method for updating data fields or creating new custom fields in one operation

Search filter quickly finds the item that you want to edit. ‘Favorites’ let you keep your most frequently updated data fields pinned to the top for easy access.

Update everything in one go using the Data Import feature

Export everything in one go using the Data Export feature

Dynamic Data Placeholders

Use Dynamic Placeholders anywhere in the platform!

Create powerful Dynamic Dashboards so that the same Dashboard can be used for many Clients, but will also adapt to show each Client only their unique data.

Can be used in Announcements or in Portal Pages to display a unique message or update for each Individual Client

CRM Bulk Edit

Powerful way to update multiple Contacts at one time

You can select just one, or many Contacts to update

You can update just one data field, or many data fields in one operation. If left blank, field is not changed.

Select a Circle(s) and update the data of every Contact in a Circle in one simple operation

A simple, yet powerful tool that saves you time

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