Project & Task Management

Manage clients, files, tasks, and team members right inside a Project with ease. Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips. Easily view your workload for all Projects at once using the ‘MyTasks’ menu, or drill down into a specific Project to get a more detailed view of the progress your team is making. Easily track time spent on a particular Project or Task, and add that time as a billable item on an Invoice. Additionally, individual Tasks can be converted into billable items and added directly to Invoices.

Project Overview Dashboard

Rich collaboration experience between you and your Client

Show your Clients just what you want, and nothing you don’t

Customize with your Client’s logo to give them a rich experience

Project Progress: Show your Clients what % of the Project is complete

Embed Intake Forms directly into your website

Manage All Team Members

Admins and Project Managers can easily view tasks related to all users from all of their Projects in one place from the ‘All Tasks’ menu, letting them get a bird’s-eye view of everything that is happening.

These higher-level users can also drill down into particular Projects, to get a deeper history of actions taken, comments made, files uploaded, and more.

Filter Tasks by Priority

Admins, Managers, Clients and Team members alike can easily locate a specific Task using filters, sorting, and tagging.

Task lists can be sorted and filtered by various attributes, including Status, Priority, Assigned User, Due Date, and much more, letting every user see exactly the Tasks they need to access right then and there.

‘Filter Profiles’ allow you to define preset multi-field filters for future use, allowing you to easily use the same types of filters over and over.

Email Notifications for All Actions

Automatic email notifications related to Tasks and Projects ensures everyone is always aware of their responsibilities.

Whether a user is assigned to a new Task or Project, receives a new comment on an assigned Task, a certain Project due date is approaching, or many other important actions, a customizable automated email will sent to the corresponding user.

Additionally, each user can customize their notification settings on a personal level.

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