Task Planning Calendar

Get a high-level overview of all of your assigned Tasks, as well as the Tasks assigned to your various team members and even clients. The Planning Calendar allows you to individually manage each existing Task, including changing due dates, editing details, and even drilling-down to view comments and action history. Additionally, you can easily create new Tasks right from the Calendar, essentially meaning you can manage an entire Project all from one location.

Bird’s Eye View of All Tasks

With the Planning Calendar, you can easily see all of the Tasks from all Projects, arranged by due date and color coded by Priority (you can even create your own custom Priorities, and Calendar Tasks will be color coded accordingly).

Having these bird’s-eye view lets you quickly see what Tasks are coming up, what should have already been done, and who might be falling behind with their assigned workload.

Intuitive Filtering

The Calendar gives you the ability to filter the displayed Tasks by a multiple of attributes, including Status, Priority, Project, and Assigned User.

Additionally, you can filter the Calendar by particular Task Due Date on a weekly or monthly window, letting you get a more drilled-down view of upcoming (and past due) Tasks.

All of the filters allow for multiple items to be chosen, meaning you can filter by several fields at once, allowing you to get exactly the view you need to inspect and manage your Projects, Tasks, and Teams.

Granular Task Management

Beyond the high-level overview power of the Calendar, you also have the capability to work on an individual Task level.

With just a few clicks, you can easily create new Tasks, editing existing Task details, and drag-n-drop Tasks to change their due dates.

You can also easily click into a specific Task to be automatically taken to that Task in the context of it’s assigned Project, allowing you to see all of the comments and other history related to it, letting you get a full view all from one starting point.

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