Advanced 3D File Sharing

Upload nearly any type of file of nearly any size, and easily assign those files to various clients and internal staff users in your SuiteDash. You can automatically give access to everyone in your account, or choose to individually assign and permission users as you see fit. You will even have the option to control file permissions on an individual person basis, meaning you can give certain users the ability to only download, while giving some other users the ability to download and also upload additional versions of the same file. Even more powerful, you can give your internal users the ability to assign specific files to other users in the account. All of this combines to give you a powerful file sharing system that can be permissioned and controlled on a granular level to best fit your needs.

Granular File Permissions

Upload files that are exclusively permissioned to a particular client, set of clients, or even staff members. Automatic email notifications are sent to the assigned users, ensuring no files fall through the cracks. Additionally, you can permit clients to upload files themselves for admins to access, and 3D File Sharing means every file author has full control over the permissions and access of their files, including what users can see it, download it, delete it, and edit it, and admins can give these same permissions to any user for any file as they see fit.

Folder & Category Organization

Keep track of your many files easily by creating custom Folders and Categories to organize and sort your various uploads. In addition to any custom Folders you create, default Folders are automatically created whenever a new Prospect or Client is created, allowing you to easily assign files to these users by simply putting files in their corresponding Folder. Taking it one step further, you can also easily filter the entire Files table based on Folder or Category, allowing you to quickly drill down to view specific files that you need.

File Versioning

Easily manage updates and changes to certain files using ‘Versions’, which allow users to upload new files ‘over’ existing ones, without deleting the previous file, giving you a file ‘history’ for easy access later. Always be sure which version of a file is the most recent, and track the changes of the file over time, without needing to delete and manage old files. And you can give specific users the ability to upload and manage versions, ensuring only appropriate people have access.

Limit Specific File Types

Files of nearly any type are supported, with the admin even having the option to control upload of specific file types at their discretion. The admin has full control over what types of files they want to allow or disallow, with the ability to ‘disable’ specific file extensions if desired (such as preventing large video files), ensuring your clients and internal staff are only able to upload the appropriate types of files that you dictate.

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