Secure File Sharing Portal

Highly organized File Structure

Each Client has a Dedicated Sharing Folder

Each Project has its’ own Dedicated Sharing Folder

You can create your own sub-folder structure

Client is notified whenever you share a file or folder

Entire folders can be downloaded as ZIP files

Convenient File Request Feature

You initiate the request, and the Client receives an email

You can pre-assign which folder the file will be uploaded to

Clients don’t need to be logged in to upload to the Request

You are notified by email when the File Request is fulfilled

You can add a deadline to the File Request

Simple File Versioning

Easily upload new versions of a Shared File or Client File

Previous versions can be accessed and/or reverted to if needed

Each version is time stamped & organized by date

All versions can be downloaded in one action as a ZIP file

Versioning gives you the safety of never losing work again

No Limit to File size or type

HUGE Files can be transferred. Tested with files over 2GB

Chunked File Uploading allows the transfer of huge files

Use a proprietary file type? No problem, just add the extension

You can limit / disallow the uploading of specific file types

take a no risk, no pressure test drive

No Credit Card Required

Fully Functional Account