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Development Update For August 19, 2016

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Our Team has been working diligently to improve SuiteDash and bring new features to our customers. In the latest round of updates, we have added two very useful features to Project Management, as well as laid the groundwork for some larger features in the future. First up is a function for duplicating Tasks, which allows you to quickly make a copy of an existing Task (either within a Project, or from your MyTasks menu), optionally edit any of the details, and then create a new Task.

The second function is also related to Tasks, but from more of a “bird’s-eye” viewpoint: Filter Profiles. These allow you to easily set various parameters for searching through Tasks, and then save those parameters for quick access and use later. More details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Duplicate Tasks

The biggest new function added recently is the ability to duplicate Tasks within Project Management. Duplicating Tasks gives you the ability to quickly create copies of existing Tasks within a Project (or from your personal MyTasks menu), for instances when you may need more than one Task each with minimal or no changes between them. When duplicating a Task, you have the option to modify any of the Task’s details, such as the assigned user, the priority, title, etc.

Alternatively, you can simply leave all fields the same, in which case the Task will be created as an exact copy of the original (the only difference being the Task ID#, and the title which will be slightly modified to show it is a copied Task). The end result is a very practical and efficient feature, and we’re confident our customers will find it very useful in their daily workflows. The duplicating Tasks functionality is currently live for all SuiteDash users, so feel free to give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts!

Filter Profiles

Another useful feature contained in the recent update, also related to Tasks, is Filter Profiles. This functionality allows you to set custom filters in your Tasks lists, based on various parameters, and save them as filter “presets” for later use. For example, when viewing the Task list inside a Project, you may want to filter it to only show Tasks marked as “Urgent” priority. Then you may want to further pare down the list to only show urgent Tasks that are marked as “Review” status, that are assigned to a specific user.

Once you have the filters set the way you like, you can easily save them as a filter preset for later use. With the filter saved, you can easily use the same parameters to filter the Task list again in the future, with just a few clicks. Filter Profiles are currently live for all users right now, so let us know what you think after trying them out!

Short-Term Horizon

We have two big features coming up very soon, the first of which is Recurring Tasks. This functionality will allow you to create automatically recurring Tasks within Project Management, on a schedule that you define (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). You will have full control over how often a Task recurs, and for how long.

Also in the pipeline is Phase Two of our Affiliate Program, this time aimed at “external” users who are not currently SuiteDash customers. The new External Affiliate Program will allow non-customers to reap monetary rewards on a monthly basis for any referrals of paid SuiteDash customers they bring our way. Both of these items are in their final stages of development and testing, and should be ready for release very soon!

Over The Horizon

Further down the road we are continuing our expansion of Project Management, with the addition of Project Templates, and a related duplicating Projects functionality. Project Templates will allow you to create essentially a Project “framework”, complete with Tasks (with relative due dates), assigned users, and so on.

Then when it’s time to start a new Project, you can choose to use one of our Project Templates as a “base” to start from, instead of building each Project from scratch. The beginnings of this functionality will be the Project duplication feature, which is in our sights to be developed very soon. All this and much more coming in the future, so stick with us!

We are working to hard to continually stabilize and expand the features of SuiteDash, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support and interest thus far! More updates coming soon!


Team SuiteDash

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