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Development Update For September 22, 2017

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It feels like only yesterday since our last update, but the SuiteDash train has no plans to stop. We have been working hard to bring the next round of features and updates to our customers. Since we last spoke, we have implemented two very big new features. First up is the new digital signature functionality for Contracts, which allows Clients (and internal staff) to digitally sign Contracts that you generate within SuiteDash. Additionally, we have also recently added compatibility and integration with automatic recurring subscription plans for Stripe and Braintree, which means you now have the option to charge your Clients automatically on a set schedule!

Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Digital Signatures for Contracts

The first new feature will be discussing today also happens to be one of the all-time most requested. Because we take customer feedback very much to heart, we are happy to announce that eSignature functionality is now available for SuiteDash Contracts! With this new feature, you can easily add placeholders for things like Client Signature, Client Printed Name, and others (along with placeholders for internal staff signature) into a Contract Template. From there, whenever a new Contract is generated from that Template, the placeholders will automatically be converted into clickable areas, where the Client and assigned staff will be able to add their digital signature by drawing or typing it in. The digital signature functionality is live for all customers now (along with full help documentation explaining the functionality), so feel free to start using it, and let us know your thoughts!

Automatic Recurring Billing

The other new feature for today is by no means an underdog in terms of importance. With the latest round of updates, SuiteDash now has support and integration with Stripe and Braintree subscription plans, which means you are now able to automatically bill your Clients on a set schedule, without the need for them to view and pay a new invoice each time. Essentially, you can create and manage Plans, which have a billing amount as well as a schedule and frequency (once every 1 month, 2 weeks, 10 days, etc). You add the desired Plan to an invoice, like a normal item. The Client then pays the first invoice as normal, after which their payment credentials are captured by the appropriate payment gateway (Braintree or Stripe), and the Client is automatically charged for all future Plan payments on a recurring basis. The recurring billing functionality is live now for all customers, so you can start implementing it right away!

Short-Term Horizon

Coming up soon, we have new date format options entering the final stages of testing and development, and we hope to have this feature ready for the live production environment in the very near future! Additionally, we have some other changes and improvements related to SuiteDash email notifications that we will be able to share more details about soon.

Over The Horizon

Looking further ahead, we have begun preliminary development for implementing a new look and feel to SuiteDash as a whole, with our main goal being to “freshen up” the software overall, with an eye on mobile responsive as well!

Thank you to all of our customers for joining us on this journey so far. More updates coming soon!


Team SuiteDash

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