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The many benefits of Creating your own Client Portal

Having a Client Portal is a key component to a successful business, but it’s no secret that they can be difficult to manage and maintain, not to mention expensive. This is why many business owners opt to build their own client portal, using readily available tools and software that can be adapted to their needs and workflow. While this can be a useful alternative, it can result in a clunky system that does not quite flow the way you might want. With this in mind, the ultimate solution would be a pre-made tool that you can use as the basis of your Client Portal, without needing to build one completely from scratch. SuiteDash aims to be exactly that solution.

What makes a good Client Portal Software?

SuiteDash is a “SaaS” (Software-as-a-Service) tool, which means that SuiteDash is fully cloud-based, and all data and files are stored securely in 256 bit SSL encryption server environments (the same level of protection you have with your online banking). With this you have a solid and secure base from which to build your Client Portal, and you can have peace of mind knowing that the data you save to SuiteDash will be protected and secure.

Cloud storage services are quickly becoming the preferred method of storing digital data for businesses, large and small, resulting in the fact that most small businesses are transferring their data to cloud storage services. The benefits of this are the flexibility of being able to access data remotely, via a web browser or even your mobile device, and the cost-savings involved. All data is maintained, managed and backed-up automatically which means you don’t have to worry about important information going missing. Cloud computing and SaaS solutions are, without doubt, the way of the future and given the risks associated with trying to manage your own solution, you should consider the option of building your own client

Customize your Client Portal

Using SuiteDash, you can build your Client Portal to fit the needs of you and your customers. SuiteDash can be fully white label branded, meaning you can replace all instances of the SuiteDash name/logo with your own company color scheme and branding. Additionally, SuiteDash has a full host of built-in functions, including project and task management, billing and invoicing, file sharing, private messaging, CRM and sales funnel functionality, and much more. And this is all included out of the box, without the need to tack-on any other 3rd party tools, which means everything will seamlessly integrate together, making the flow between each feature consistent and simple. The end result is a silky smooth Client Portal, built from a solid base of SuiteDash with only minimal effort needed on the part of the business owner.

Reasonable Pricing

The biggest argument in favor of building your own Client Portal is the cost savings. Having a custom tool built for you by developers can be exorbitantly expensive, and most off the shelf solutions might not fit your workflow. But with SuiteDash, you get the best of both worlds. SuiteDash includes a ton of useful functionality from the beginning, with the ability to also implement your own custom content for your clients as you need. This gives you the power to build a Client Portal to fit your desired goal, but instead of starting from scratch you can get a head-start with the already built-in functionality of SuiteDash, which will not only save you money in the short-term, it will make you more money in the long-run.

100% White Label your Client Portal

Create your White Label Branded Client Portal, and give your clients a seamless experience that compliments your branding.  Using our intuitive logo, color & custom menu options to design a layout that matches your organization’s professional identity.

Capability to create a custom URL

We even provide an automated tool that will allow you to map your own domain name to your Portal so that even the SuiteDash URL will be replaced with yours. Notice in this example that even the Title tag and the Favicon have been customized, and this is easily done using the SuiteDash interface. See an EXAMPLE HERE. This level of White Label Customization is unparalleled in the software world, and gives your Client’s a truly authentic and secure experience as they interact with your brand.

Fully Customizable Email Notifications

Creating branded emails has never been easier. Quickly add your company’s logo, change the layout to your colors and even add your social media profiles. You can continue the branding throughout the layout and design of the email notifications with the subject line, body text, and footer along with being able to change your ‘From’ name and ‘From’ email to better fit your company.