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    Subscriptions improvements (Stripe)
    4 days agoopen0
    One of the reasons I got Suitedash was that I thought I would be able to handle subscriptions and my clients would be able to do this also.For quitting other services, this has to be improved a lot.- Pull in subscriptions from Stripe. - Add new plans from SD synced with Stripe. - Use SD invoicing system only (invoices, reminders etc) - Clients can start/cancel/upgrade/downgrade subscriptions in the client portal - From a technical view, there's probably more that could be done.As far as I know, it can all be done with Stripe API.I would like to see the need for Gocardless, Chargebee etc. go away, they would make Suitdash real one-stop portal for any online business.
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    Font Family and Size
    4 months agoopen2
    I would love to be able to customize the font family and size all over the platform. Customize typography for Portal Pages, Forms, Menus, Emails to name the most important sections. Having this feature would help us match the style of the platform with the company.
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    Comment with Image
    4 months agoopen0
    It would be helpful to include images (Ex: screenshots or videos) when commenting on a task. At present, images can only be attached to the tasks themselves (not comments).Imagine an exchange back and forth with a client on how to handle a particular feature or fix a bug. The client or team member could provide a screenshot in the comments to illustrate the feature/issue.This is a feature common in many project management software packages.
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    Automatic Payroll to Staff/Teamates
    8 months agoopen1
    When my staff/teammates track their time in the SuiteDash tasks, I want to have the system pay them each week or every other week for the hours they worked.If this could be automated this would save me so much trouble!Payment would be through Paypal, Payoneer, Transferwise etc.
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    Notifications for clients
    8 months agoopen0
    At the moment, when a client logs into my portal, he/she does not see notifications on the bell icon at top right. I know clients do get email notifications, but I think being able to see all notifications from the bell (as well as via emails) will be a great feature.Let's say a client receives 5 notification emails, but not have the time to deal with them there and then. He/she can make a mental note that there are outstanding "stuff" to deal with. Then when logged in later, will only have to click the bell to see everything listed there, instead of having to remember what those 5 emails refer to.
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    Add New Folder option for Media directory
    8 months agoopen0
    Having an add New Folder option for Media directory will allow organizing of media used in building and updating the portal pages. This file structure would be visible when adding media to a portal page.
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    Work Request Fields
    9 months agoopen0
    More customization options on the default work request fields. Ability to hide unwanted , perhaps rename the mandatory fields to something that would make more sense for the . Perhaps have the ability to create a dropdown list of "Work request Subjects"
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    Limit Start Page/Widget viewing times
    9 months agoopen0
    Custom start pages or widgets can be used as a way to communicate features or promotions for clients when they log in.We can limit the number of times they load for each client or circle. Example limit to 4x or stop on a specific date.Much like the feature update notifications, we receive from suitedash
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    Allow clients to see archived projects
    9 months agoopen0
    They don't necessarily need to be able to interact with them, but it would be nice if they pull up their project list if they could see XYZ Project in their list, maybe the date it was scheduled / complete, and then have it show as the status Archived.
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    Project Widget for Dashboard
    9 months agoopen0
    Having more options to customize the main client dashboard would be great, especially when it comes to project progress. Having individual windows that link to projects and show the pie chart on the main dashboard could make that page more useful.