Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No! You will be automatically billed on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on which billing cycle you choose. You can upgrade, downgrade or discontinue your subscription at any time.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a full risk-free 14-day Free Trial of the Pinnacle license level, no payment info needed to get started! You can sign-up for your 14-day Free Trial here:

How do I sign up?

You can start your risk-free 14-day Free Trial by registering here:

Are all features included for the flat monthly fee?

All of the core features (such as Project Management, File Sharing, Estimates/Invoicing, CRM, Private Messaging, etc) are included with ALL license levels, for no additional cost. Additionally, some other functionality is level-specific, for example the Email Marketing functionality is only available with the Thrive and Pinnacle levels. In all cases, you pay ONE flat monthly rate, and all of the features of that license level are included at NO EXTRA COST.

Is the pricing per user?

Nope! The pricing is a flat monthly fee, and you can have UNLIMITED Projects, Clients and Teammates with every one of our subscription plans!

Is there help documentation?

Yes! You can view our extensive help documentation here:

Do I have to download/install anything?

Nope! The beauty of SaaS software is that it is all browser-based, which means no downloads, no installations, no worries about running an “outdated” version. When you login to SuiteDash, you will always be accessing the latest version, and you’ll never have to worry about installing or updating the software yourself (leave that to us).

How many files can I upload?

With the Start license level, you have 100 GB of total file storage space. With the Thrive license level, you have 500 GB of total file storage space. With the Pinnacle license level, you have 1,000 GB ( 1TB ) of total file storage space.

How many clients can I have?

The pricing is a flat monthly fee, and you can have UNLIMITED Projects, Clients and Teammates with every one of our subscription plans!

How many staff users can I have?

The pricing is a flat monthly fee, and you can have UNLIMITED Projects, Clients and Teammates (Staff) with every one of our subscription plans!

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes! We have undergone an audit by a HIPAA compliance consulting firm and have been certified that our processes comply. If you require a copy of our attestation document for your records, just contact us at

Are there any hidden fees/costs?

Nope! All of the features listed for each license level are included in that level’s flat monthly fee. The only other potential cost would be if you chose to create a Dedicated Sending IP for Email Marketing through us, but this is completely optional, and you can fully use Email Marketing without this.

Is there a sign-up fee?

Nope! You start with a completely risk-free (and free-free) 14-day Free Trial, and then after that you will only pay the flat monthly fee of your chosen license level. No registration fees, no installation fees, no set-up fees.

Can I brand SuiteDash to match my business?

Yes! With the Thrive license level, you can brand your environment with your own logo & colors.

With the Pinnacle license level, you can fully re-brand your SuiteDash environment to match your business, with the capability to fully replace all instances of the SuiteDash name/logo from the login page, logged-in environment, email notifications, and even the Login Page/URL.

With a fully branded environment, your internal users and clients would see no mention of “SuiteDash” when they login to your environment.

Is there a mobile app?

Yep! You can download the Android app HERE

And the iOS app HERE

Do you have a WordPress plugin?

Yes! You can download the SuiteDash Direct Login WordPress plugin HERE

Do you have any Getting Started videos?

Yes! We have several quick videos to help you get started using SuiteDash HERE

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! All of your data and files are transferred via 256-bit SSL encryption (the same level of security used by most banks), and all data is stored on HIPAA and EU Privacy Shield compliant servers.

How do my clients pay invoices?

SuiteDash currently offers PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and as built-in payment gateways. Your clients can make online payment on their assigned invoices using any of those gateways that you choose to setup and enter your merchant credentials for.

What if I need more file storage?

No problem! If you need to increase any of the limits of the Pinnacle license level, just contact us at and we would be happy to help.

How often is SuiteDash updated?

We deploy updates to the live production environment multiple times per day. Some are small changes you would never notice, others are styling related, and we consistently add new features and functionality as well!

Do you have a Partner Program?

Definitely! You can register for our Partner Program HERE

How do I contact support?

You can browse our help documentation, and submit a support ticket, through our Help Desk HERE

Additionally, you can reach us directly via email at

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