2022 Masterclass Series

Mike Lambert
Founder + CEO

Profit More. Work Less.

A simple plan to bank 300% more profit with systems & no-code automations

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In this 90-Minute Session, you’ll learn to rewire the way you think about business.

  • The #1 way to guarantee your survival and growth with simple processes
  • Why “high-performance” and “productivity” might actually hurt your business
  • How to stop overcomplicating your business and get out of your own way
  • Simple strategies for getting started with a systems-based approach
  • No-Code Automation tools & concepts that will unlock efficiency & growth
  • Presented on your level. Action items will move the needle in just the first week

Mike Lambert – the founder of SuiteDash – started, grew & managed a digital agency working with hundreds of clients. That success meant that the day to day tasks of the agency grew into a heavy load of managing client projects, updating clients, processing invoices, exchanging files, communication, outbound marketing, and much more. 

Handling all of this proved to be an ever-evolving challenge, and Mike quickly realized that clearly defined systems, processes, and automations were the only way to sustainably run a successful business without descending into chaos.

So in 2012, unable to find anything that could do what he envisioned while still maintaining the strong brand he had worked to build, Mike began designing & building a unified solution to the problems he and his agency were facing. After seeing the incredible benefits of using their unique creation, Mike and his team turned that platform into SuiteDash with the goal of helping other businesses access & afford the online tools needed to create systems and scale. Today, SuiteDash has grown from those humble roots into a robust software multi-tool that is helping to liberate business owners from the inefficiencies and barriers that prevent growth in their businesses & organizations.

Mike is an expert in helping owners & manager identify, analyze and optimize the key workflows in their business or organization.