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Development Update For July 14, 2017

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Everyone here at Team SuiteDash has been working overtime to roll out the latest SuiteDash updates for our customers. Since we last spoke, we have launched several new and useful features, as well as a few modifications to existing functionality that we hope everyone will find helpful. And as always, we are also working to continuously improve and update the existing software, with constant optimization and streamlining.

The first addition is the new Announcements Dashboard widget, which you can use to display information for any users in your installation based on role. Another smaller, but still very useful, feature is the new ability to automatically assign any Portal Page to all Clients and Prospects, without needing to assign each user individually. Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Announcements Widget

The biggest new feature deployed recently is the new Announcements widget for the Dashboard. With this new widget, you can quickly create posts and assign them to your SuiteDash users based on role. You can even use the included powerful visual editor to embed links, videos, images and styled text right in the post! Want to let all of your Clients and Prospects know about an upcoming event? Need to remind all of your internal staff users about time-sheets being due? You can accomplish these examples and much more using the Announcements widget. Additionally, in conjunction with the new Dashboard, you have the option to choose to show or hide the Announcements widget in it’s entirety for specific roles, using the admin settings on your Dashboard. The Announcements widget is live now for all Master Accounts to use, and you can start creating posts for your users right away!

Portal Pages for All

Another small but highly requested change added recently is related to Portal Pages. When creating a new Portal Page (or editing an existing page) that you want all of your customers to see, you now have the option to simply check a box to “Allow all logged-in Clients/Prospects to access this page”. All Clients and Prospects (old and new) will automatically be granted access to that particular Page, without you needing to assign each one individually. This is a simple change, but one that has a huge impact on the usability of Portal Pages, and one we are very happy to implement at the request of our amazing customers!

Short-Term Horizon

Coming in the very near future, we have several big features that we believe many of our customers will benefit from. First up is a complete overhaul of the current internal live chat system, complete with a new architecture and interface that we hope will be much more streamlined and easy to use. We currently have this new chat system in our development environment, and we are working to pretty it up for release soon.

Another feature we are very excited about is the impending functionality for bulk import of Contacts via CSV. With this feature, you will be able to compile a CSV file of your desired new CRM Contacts, and import them all at once into your SuiteDash. This functionality is in it’s final round of testing and styling now, and we hope to have it released to the live production environment in the very near future.

Another feature that is waiting in the wings to be released is the new automatic billing subscription integration with Braintree and Stripe. This functionality will allow you to use any subscription plans from Braintree or Stripe as “billable items” inside Invoices. Once a client makes the initial payment, they will be automatically registered for that subscription plan, and they will be billed automatically on a recurring basis. This feature is very near completion, and will be making it’s way to the live environment very soon.

Over The Horizon

Looking further ahead, we have several big changes coming, one of which is the addition of e-signature functionality for Contracts! This feature is in active development now, and we hope to have more info for everyone soon. Additionally, we are in the preliminary stages now of completely redesigning the view that a Client has when they login to your SuiteDash. Our goal is to simplify and streamline this view, making things much easier for the Client to find and access their assigned resources.

We want to thank all of our customers for their support and feedback! More updates coming soon!


Team SuiteDash

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