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Development Update For February 7, 2017

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We’ve made it past the holidays in one piece! Our Team has been working diligently on the latest rounds of SuiteDash updates, which include several big new features, as well as improvements and modifications to existing functionality.

The first big addition is Project Templates, which is a new feature that gives you the ability to quickly and easily create new projects from a pre-existing template that you build. Another new feature is related to file sharing, and it is the Private Client Folder functionality. Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Project Templates

The most prominent new feature in the recent updates is Project Templates. Project Templates essentially allow you to “pre-create” a Project, complete with Tasks and Sprints, and then optionally “apply” that template whenever you create a new Project. When a template is applied on a new Project, the predefined Tasks and Sprints are automatically generated, assigned to the appropriate user, and due dates are dynamically generated based on your settings. If you find yourself creating the same Tasks over and over inside new Projects, Project Templates would be able to help you tremendously. Project Templates are live now for all customers, so feel free to get them a whirl! As always, please contact us with any feedback or questions.

Private Client File Folders

Another major addition in the latest round of updates is the new Private Client File Folder system. With this new functionality, each client automatically has 2 file folders associated with them, one named “Client Name’s Uploads” (with “Client Name” replaced with the client’s actual first and last name), and a sub-folder inside that called “Private Internal”. Any files that are placed in the “Client Name’s Uploads” folder by you will automatically be accessible/downloadable for that particular client. Additionally, any files that the client uploads themselves will automatically be sorted into that same folder. Related, the “Private Internal” folder exists so that you can organize files related to a specific client, but for instances when you don’t want the client to be able to access the files. Any files stored inside a client’s “Private Internal” sub-folder will not be accessible/visible to that client, and the files will only be accessible to the properly permissioned internal users (admins, managers, etc). We hope this new functionality will assist in sorting and organizing files for your clients and other users.

Short-Term Horizon

Coming up in the near future for SuiteDash is a new Dashboard layout, design, and functionality. With the new Dashboard, you will be able to set “default” Dashboard layout options for each user role, and those defaults would be automatically carried over to any users of that same role(s) (as long as they haven’t already set their own custom layout, which wouldn’t be overwritten). The widgets will also be redesigned to be more functionality, as well as more aesthetically pleasing and in-line with the rest of the SuiteDash design.

This update, and several others, are coming soon, and we hope to be able to share more details in the coming weeks!

Over The Horizon

Looking further in the future, we have several changes and additions coming to Project Management. The first of which is the option for Private Hourly Rates, which will allow you (as the admin) to set a specific “hourly rate” for any user, and choose whether or not that user will be able to see their own set rate where applicable (such as in Timers). This gives you the option to hide the rate from specific users who you would prefer not know this information.

We are working everyday to improve and build on SuiteDash, and we want to thank all of our customers who have been providing very useful feedback. More updates are just around the corner!


Team SuiteDash

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