SuiteDash Development Update – July Update

Development Update For July 27, 2018

Hope you are all well! We have some updates on new and upcoming features, which we’ll recap quickly below:

Google Calendar Integration

We got a TON of requests for this, and we heard you all! You can now sync your Google Calendar with the SuiteDash calendar, which means SuiteDash Tasks, as well as CRM Events, will be added to your Google Calendar automatically. We plan to expand this in the future as well, so feel free to send us your feedback!

Short-Term Horizon

In the near future we have a new version of Work Requests coming, which will allow for a less “structured” form, for situations where you want the client to be able to have more flexibility in what they’re requesting. This is in the final stages of development, and should be ready very soon!

Over The Horizon

We’ve begun development on a completely new “view” for areas where tables exist (think CRM Contacts and Tasks), which will be aimed to both help mobile responsiveness, as well as just look better overall. More info on this as we progress!

More updates coming soon!


Team SuiteDash