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Development Update For May 19, 2017

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The Team has been in hyper-drive the last few weeks to get out the latest SuiteDash updates for our customers. In the past few weeks, we have launched several major changes, and we hope they will be useful to our customers and their staff. And as always, we are also working to continuously improve and update the existing software, with constant optimization and streamlining.

The first big addition is the new Easy Mode, which currently is available on several forms inside the tool. Easy Mode is essentially a “guided” form, that will walk you through each step of the process, with helper text along the way. Another big change is the new Dashboard, which includes a whole host of new widgets, as well as new styling. Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Easy Mode Forms

The most exciting new feature is the new optional Easy Mode in creation forms. Available for adding a new Company, Contact, Goal, Event, or User, Easy Mode is essentially a “guided” form that will walk you through the form step by step, with help text for each field. If you are new to SuiteDash, this will help you and your staff learn the ropes and get used to the terminology we use, and you can easily turn Easy Mode off once you have the hang of it! This functionality is available now for all SuiteDash customers inside several CRM forms, as well as the “Add New User” form. Give a whirl and let us know what you think!

New Dashboard

Another big change added recently is the new Dashboard. Currently being rolled out in stages, the new Dashboard includes all-new designed widgets for the various SuiteDash features (like Live Stream, Files, Planning, and so on) with refreshed styling and functionality. Additionally, coming soon for administrators is the ability to control what widgets a user sees on their Dashboard, on a per-role level. So you (as the Master Account) will be able to control what widgets your Teammates have access to, for example, and these can be different than the widgets you give your Clients access to. The first phase of the new Dashboard is available now, with additional widgets and changes on the way in the coming weeks, and this functionality is available now for all SuiteDash customers!

Short-Term Horizon

Coming soon, we are implementing integration with subscription plans for Braintree and Stripe. This will allow you to create recurring subscription plans within your Braintree or Stripe account, and then include those plans on SuiteDash invoices that you can send to your clients. Once the client makes the initial payment, they will be subscribed to the plan, and they will be charged automatically on a recurring basis based on the parameters you set for that plan. This is currently in our development environment for testing, and we hope to have it ready for the live production environment in the near future.

Over The Horizon

Looking further ahead, we are currently in the planning stages of a new functionality we are calling Project “Radar”. This feature will aim to give admins and managers a broader view of their current Projects and Tasks, including the ability to see all of them on a graph or calendar, with dependency settings. This is in the initial stages of development now, and we hope to be able to share more with you all in the near future!

We want to thank all of our customers for their support and feedback! More updates coming soon!


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