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Development Update For October 21, 2016

SuiteDash Email Marketing

It’s update time again! We have been working hard to release the last few rounds of SuiteDash updates, which include several new features, as well as improvements and modifications to existing functionality.

First up is Custom Menus, which allow you to hide individual top navigation menus from users based on role, giving you that extra level of customization that may be needed depending on your desired setup and workflow. The second spotlighted addition is the new External Affiliate Program, which allows for non-customers to reap monetary rewards by referring paying customers to SuiteDash! More details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Custom Menus

The first new feature in the recent round of updates we will be discussing is Custom Menus. With this new feature, you will be able to modify the default top-level navigation menu items that your users see, on a per-role level. For example, you may want to remove Client access to Files, or perhaps you don’t want your Teammates to have access to Private Messaging. Menus can be customized on a user role level, for all user roles, with a simple show/hide option interface, and changes can be undone at any time with just a few clicks. We feel that this new feature will give you an extra set of customization tools that you can use to further modify your SuiteDash installation to your liking. Custom Menus are available now for all customers in your main “Your Branding” Settings menu. Please feel free to give us your feedback on the new feature!

External Affiliate Program

Another big addition in the latest updates is our new External Affiliate Program. This new system allows for non-customers of SuiteDash to collect referral payouts, on a recurring basis, from any paying customers that they send our way. The system is simple: a non-customer registers for an External Affiliate account, and after approval they receive login credentials and their unique Affiliate Code. They can then begin posting that Affiliate Code on their site, in blog posts, in graphics/banners, on message boards, and so on. When a customer registers for a new SuiteDash account, there will be a field on the registration form for them to enter an Affiliate Code, which will “link” their account to the corresponding External Affiliate. Once that customer selects and makes payment on a SuiteDash plan after their Free Trial period, the External Affiliate will be credited with a percentage of the sale! After the designated waiting period, the funds will be released, and the External Affiliate can request payout of the funds via PayPal. We are currently offering External Affiliates a 25% payout for all new referrals, and that is a monthly recurring payout that lasts for as long as the referred customer keeps their paying subscription active!

If you are interested in joining our External Affiliate Program, just contact us through our Help Desk, and we can provide you with information on the next steps!

Short-Term Horizon

Right around the corner is the addition of Recurring Tasks. This functionality will allow you to create Tasks that recur on an automatic schedule that you set, for a predetermined duration. Easily setup new Tasks to be created and assigned once a week, every Monday, every day for 3 months, and so on. Recurring Tasks are in the final stages of development and testing, and we hope to have the feature ready for deployment very soon!

Also on the horizon for the near future is our much anticipated entry into the mobile app marketplace. We are currently entering the last stages of development and testing of our SuiteDash Android app (with the iOS app development following close behind), and we hope to be able to share more details in the coming weeks!

Over The Horizon

Further along the development path, we have a large feature in development for Email Marketing, and that is Autoresponders. These will work similar to Campaigns, with the notable exception being you can create Autoresponders well in advance, and schedule them to send out automatically based on preset timeframes, specific actions (such as a new user being added to a mailing list), and more. We are currently in the planning and early development stages for Autoresponders, and we hope to have more info for you soon!

Another feature on our to-do list, is a feature that would help manage to-do lists: Kanban Boards. When it comes to managing and prioritizing many tasks in a visual manner, there aren’t many better options than a Kanban. We are currently researching all of our available options for this functionality implementation, and we will be updating everyone as soon as we take the next steps.

We are diligently working to improve and expand SuiteDash, and we couldn’t be more greatful for the support from our customers up to this point. More updates are just around the corner!


Team SuiteDash

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