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Development Update For August 18, 2017

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SuiteDash HQ has been in overdrive these last few weeks, as our entire team has worked to bring the next round of features and updates to our customers. Since our last update, we have rolled out several new and useful features, as well as a myriad of small changes throughout the app. As always, the goal is to continuously improve and update the existing software, with constant optimization and streamlining.

Both major features we’re going to cover today have the same goal: to lower the barrier of entry for adding your clients and potential clients into your SuiteDash environment. Whether it’s the new bulk importing option for Contacts, or the new Client and Prospect self-registration functionality, both provide you with extra avenues for gaining sales leads, while also giving you new options for bringing over your existing clients from your old CRM. Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Bulk Importing Contacts

Part one of our post today is discussing the new bulk import option for Contacts. With this new feature, you can import many Contacts (Leads, Prospects, and Clients) at once via a CSV file. This is useful for bringing over your existing client-base to SuiteDash from an old CRM, as it eliminates the need to add each Contact individually (though that option still exists, if you really like filling out forms). You can also have the option of assigning these Contacts to Event Templates and/or Email Marketing Lists during import if desired. In addition to allowing you to create many new Contacts at once, you can also use the new import feature to update existing Contacts, by simply checking a box during import. You can even create new Contacts, and update existing ones, during the same import with the same file! You can read more about the functionality (as well as download an example CSV file to use as a template) at our Help Desk HERE. The bulk import functionality is live for all customers now, so feel free to start using it, and let us know your feedback!

Contact Self-Registration

Part two of these related features is the new functionality for Client and Prospect self-registration. With this new functionality, you are provided with a pair of coded URLs in your admin area, which you can place anywhere you like (in an email, as a link on your website, etc). These links go to one of two forms that will allow someone to self-register as either a Client or Prospect in your SuiteDash environment (just depending on which link they use). You have controls in the admin side of things for if you want any self-registered users to automatically be approved, automatically be sent their welcome email, and also what Event Template and Email Marketing List they should be assigned to after registration (if any). You can read more about this functionality HERE. The self-registration functionality is live now for all customers, so you can start using it immediately!

Short-Term Horizon

On our road map for the near future, we have a highly requested feature: digital signatures for Contracts is coming very soon! This functionality is in the final stages of bug testing and styling, and will be ready for the live production in the very near future. Additionally, we also have integration with Stripe and Braintree recurring subscription plans on our development environments now, and it should also be hitting the live environment very soon.

Over The Horizon

Looking further down the road, we have begun development to allow for new date format options across SuiteDash, to provide support for our international customers. Additionally, development regarding Zapier integration is coming along nicely, and we hope to have more updates on this functionality soon.

Thank you to everyone who has made the move to SuiteDash for their business. Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Team SuiteDash

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