SuiteDash Development Update – August Update

Development Update For August 31, 2018

Greetings from SuiteDash HQ! Summer may be ending soon, but things are not cooling off in our development, as we’re continuing to stoke the flames and go full-steam ahead. The big new feature we’ve recently added is actually a revamp of an existing functionality: Work Requests. We’ve added a new “free form” option, which will come in handy for those that need a less structured request form to offer clients.

Details can be found below, and we also have some updates regarding upcoming SuiteDash features, both in the long and short-term. More info below:

Free Form Work Requests

With the new free form Work Request option, you can allow clients to enter/create their own items when submitting a new request. This means that instead of them picking from a preset list that you create, they can create their own custom items as needed. We didn’t get rid of the original Work Request functionality though, so you can switch between them based on what fits your needs!

Short-Term Horizon

Our new mobile responsive “Card View” (as we’re calling it) is in the final stages of development, and should be ready very soon. This will help with mobile responsiveness, as well as overall visual appeal.

Over The Horizon

We’ve started preliminary discussions on new SuiteDash mobile apps, which will utilize the new Card View that we mentioned above. This means the full-fledged capabilities of the desktop SuiteDash environment will be available on mobile devices, which is very exciting!

More updates coming soon!


Team SuiteDash