SaaS Patient Portal Vendors

SaaS Patient Portal Vendors

SaaS Patient Portal Vendors

Businesses related to health care can make use of SaaS patient portals for collaborating and administering health care to patients through an interface, allowing patients to access and communicate with providers, such as doctors and health care units. Patients can correspond with doctors and obtain vital information related to health. Patient portal vendors offer such portal solutions in the form of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Automating Routine Tasks

SaaS Patient portal vendors offer SaaS portal systems that can automate routine tasks, so that physicians can pay more attention to caring for patients. Patients can view their health records electronically and also fill out the patient forms online and make online payments. Some vendors integrate with the best EHR software and are very suitable for clinics having multi specialty. These are certified EHR modules that can be combined with the particular EHR module of the institution. Patients can get electronic copies of information related to their health. They can also see test results of diagnosis, the list of medication, the medication allergy list and list of problems. Health information is made available to patients in a timely and easy manner.

Additional Support

SaaS Patient portal vendors also offer additional support by analyzing the patterns of utilization of the service by patients. They then offer customized strategies that medical offices can implement in order to involve more patients to use the portal. They also support multiple languages through the portals and optimize the software to enable new patients to sign up on their own through the portal. When patients fill out their forms through such an online portal, the crowd in the waiting room is also cleared and patient enquiries on the telephone can also be shifted to an online interface.

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