SaaS Joomla Project Tracking Extension

SaaS Joomla Project Tracking Extension

SaaS Joomla Project Tracking Extension

As any experienced project management will tell you the key to success or failure to successfully managing a project is actually managing to keep track of it. Something which is often easier said than done, especially if the project is a large and complex one, with many parties involved. What is needed is a SaaS Joomla Project Tracking Extension.

To become competent at project tracking is a bit of an art, something akin to a juggler keeping several dozen balls in air at the same time. The days of the permanently stressed project management are now thankfully drawing to a close, thanks to the introduction of SuiteDash.

SuiteDash is the brainchild of the talented software developers who produced the innovative WordPress platform based WP-Client. Refusing to rest on their laurels after the success of WP-Client , as a result of requests from those in the market for a reliable user-friendly cross browser program , they pulled their talents in that direction.

That means for project managers, life just got so much easier, and their juggling days are over . Now only is Suite Dash highly WordPress compatible, but will also perform equally well with all the leading web-based platforms, including Joomla and Drupal.

The arrival of the Suite Dash portal has taken already sent a major ripple through the industry, and project management companies in the know are testing the power of the portal , and discovering that it is capable of coming up with so many solutions to help their business, not only in project management, but in a variety of other day-to-day business functions . Better still thanks to the unique and simple dashboard design Suite Dash answers all of today’s business challenges in a seamless and entirely user friendly manner.

And, better still, in these budget conscious times the management team at SuiteDash allow their clients to make their payments through monthly subscriptions, meaning that there is no need for a major financial outlay to enjoy the benefits of SuiteDash.