SaaS Joomla Project Management Plan Extension

SaaS Joomla Project Management Plan Extension

SaaS Joomla Project Management Plan Extension

Handling any form of project and tying up all of its loose ends can be a real pain in the neck, but not with a SaaS Joomla Project Management Plan Extension/ And don’t let anyone tell you different. The problem is that even the most experienced project manager will find it a real challenge to keep tabs on all of the various forms of communication that any kind of project that is liable to generate, unless, of course, they have a plan.

The more experienced the project manager, the more liable they are to have developed some kind of formula or plan that will help them to keep track of all the information. The major stumbling block for many of these people is, despite their good intentions and doubtless experience, is that, until recently, there were no such thing as a cross browser portals available, and that would enable them to efficiently keep track of all the various forms of communication coming at them.

That was until the arrival of SuiteDash. SuiteDash, recently released by the talented team that brought WP-Client to the World, WP-Client as a broad-based portal built based to operate exclusively on the WordPress platform. SuiteDash follows in the footsteps of WP-Client, providing the same across-the-board array of online management tools as WP-Client, but capable of operating on a much wider range of platforms, taking such well-known industry platform icons as Drupal and Joomla!

SuiteDash will allow project managers, to create a custom project management plan that will allow them to keep their fingers on the pulse of the project, and equally important to fulfill their role as the intermediary among all those involved, across any internet platform.

Add for those who are looking for a plan, then SuiteDash offers an exciting one for those working on a tight budget. Taking a subscription to SuiteDash means no major upfront payments, costs just a few dollars a month, and there are no surprise as the subscription is inclusive of all hosting charges. Now that’s a plan worth sticking to!


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