SaaS Joomla Client Login Area Extension

SaaS Joomla Client Login Area Extension

SaaS Joomla Client Login Area Extension

In recent years, the incidence of computer hacking has become an increasing problem. The tremendous convenience of being able to exchange information and virtually conduct every aspect of day-to-day business through the Internet has had much of the edge taken off of it for many people, who are simply afraid of exchanging any form of information that will make them vulnerable to any form of cyber attack.

The only way that a responsible person these days can conduct any form of in Internet transaction or exchange of information is by knowing that they will be doing so after accessing a sterile client login area that has been totally password protected and that of information transferred has undergone some form of transcription.

Until recently the number of companies who could offer such a facility where limited due to the considerable costs involved. However, with the arrival of SuiteDash, many more companies can offer this facility to their clients, either existing or potential. Now there is a Joomla Client Login Area Extension.

The ability to set up a completely secure client log facility is one of the many features that those who opt for the SuiteDash portal can enjoy. So simple and user-friendly is the SaaS software that powers SuiteDash that a user can set up an unlimited number of client login facilities to allow for the exchange of information and forms of online transaction to be carried out in complete security and confidence.

They comes to developed SuiteDash that will operate smoothly either on Drupal and Joomla, platforms among others, but also the pioneers of portal dashboards, having previously developed and successfully marketed the WordPress orientated WP-Client portal.

Now all the features crammed into WP-Client are available on SuiteDash, making for the most versatile cross platform dashboard currently available online offering myriad choices of crucial business procedures guaranteed to make any business run as smooth as silk.