Drupal Project Planning SaaS Module

Drupal Project Planning SaaS Module

Drupal Project Planning SaaS Module

Tying up all the new nuts and bolts of any form of project management can represent innumerable challenges. In an age where people are expecting to extract the maximum from all of these rapid developments in communication technology, the project manager is often left with the daunting task of ensuring that all these items of information that are being generated and being carefully co-ordinated. What’s the use of finding a solution to our problem to a discussion online or through e-mails or chats, if afterwards all of the information goes missing somewhere deep inside a hard disk.

In the fast-paced times in which we live there are so many projects going on online as well as traditional land-based projects. It makes no difference the nature of the project or its geographical location; as well the geographical location of the people involved in the project, all of that information has to be gathered. The reason why, as any experience Project manager will tell you, as once that information starts to go astray, the time wasted in trying to get it all back together can be formidable.

Aware of this situation the people behind WP-Client , a broad-based portal built around the, the WordPress  platform, came up with a similar solution which they are entitled SuiteDash. The difference is that SuiteDash has been designed and produced to  operate on a much wider range of platforms , including  Drupal and Joomla!

Since SuiteDash has become available project managers life’s all over the world just got so much easier. And not only that all of the various factors involved  in any project now possess the facilities to remain completely uptdated on the project development , as well as having the ability to rapidly exchange information in any format, especially with a Drupal Project Planning Module.

Project managers generally know all about budgets, and the limitations of having to keep within them.  With them in mind  the management team at SuiteDash have set their new portal  up on a monthly subscription basis as well as being, totally self hosted application with no hidden costs.


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