WordPress Client Portal Plugin for your Theme

blankIf you’re looking for a way to interact with your clients in a secure and private way, then email just won’t cut it. Email is insecure, inefficient and disorganized. A Client Portal Software is by far the best way for you to administer these tasks efficiently, and your clients will appreciate the professionalism that your own branded Portal will bestow upon your company.

If your primary website is built using WordPress, then you’ll want to choose a Client Portal software that has the ability to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Ideally, the solution you choose should let you easily implement the solution into your WordPress website, and then be as easy as possible for your clients to get logged in directly from your website.

SuiteDash is a highly acclaimed and well reviewed All in One Business Software that boasts a fantastic Client Portal functionality. They also freely provide a WordPress plugin that makes integrating with your website an absolute snap. Just install the plugin, paste in the direct link to your SuiteDash environment URL, adjust the colors, etc.. to fit the design of your website, and you’re done. At that point, your clients that visit your WordPress website will simply need to look for the link that says LOGIN or CLIENT PORTAL (you decide), and upon clicking that link, they are presented with a simple and clean login form. They will enter their credentials there, and click SUBMIT, and then BOOM, the very next thing they will see is their Secure Client Portal in whatever configuration you’ve set for that particular client. You can set Portals up for each individual client, and each one can only see the items/areas for which they are permissioned.

SuiteDash is highly secure featuring 256 bit SSL encryption, and encryption of all files/data at rest. Pricing is very competitive and integrating the Client Portal features into your WordPress website is as easy as installing the SuiteDash Client Portal WordPress plugin. When it comes to something as crucially important as communicating and interacting with your clients, you should probably plan on using part of your budget to make sure you end up with a professional, secure product that will be continually improved and supported into the future. Only paid software can offer you those assurances.


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