Time Tracking & Billing

Allow users to track of how much time they are spending on a particular task, project, or job, in either automatic or manual fashion. Timers can be ‘automatic’ (like an online stopwatch), to easily keep track of real-time work, with simple ‘Start’, ‘Pause’, and ‘Stop/Complete’ functions. Alternatively, Timers can be used to manually track time spent away from SuiteDash that just needs recording. Either method will result in a Timer that can be converted easily for Billing purposes.

User-Managed Time Tracking

Users can track time spent on particular Tasks or Projects, and Admins and Project Managers can then easily convert those completed Timers into billable ‘Items’ that can be added directly to Estimates or Invoices.

Each Team member can create and manage their own Timers, but conversion to billable Items is only handled by Admins and Managers, ensuring the Client is only billed for real work that occurred.

Private Hourly Rates

Easily set ‘Hourly Rates’ manually on a per-Timer basis, or set default Hourly Rates for each of your users.

You can also optionally hide a user’s defined Hourly Rate from them, in the event that you don’t want them to know your billing amount for their work.

Because only Admins have this level of control, it ensures that only the people you trust are able to define and manage what your Clients are charged for.

Intuitive Billing Conversion

Easily convert completed Timers into billable Invoice items, that can be added to new or existing Invoices, or even added to Accumulating Invoice Profiles for recurring billing purposes.

During conversion, the Timer is automatically brought over to the add/edit Invoice screen, and all of its data is already in place as an Item.

You can make any modifications needed, and then immediately choose to send the completed Invoice to the client for them to view and pay online.

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