Proofing & Approval Tool

Get immediate feedback from your clients regarding specific Tasks and items inside of a Project, using the Client Task Approval feature. Simply assign the desired Task to the client, check a box, and the client will automatically receive notification. Once they login, the client will be able to view the details of the Task, and they will have the option to either ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the Task, along with the ability to leave comments. The admin will automatically receive email notification about any feedback, allowing you to easily track and usher Tasks along based on their status.

Get Task Approval from Clients

Choosing whether client feedback is needed on a particular Task is as easy as checking a box, meaning you still have the option to assign normal Tasks to clients (without needing feedback), for situations when you simply need some information or actions on their part.

Checking the box for requiring feedback adds another set of buttons on the client view, allowing them to easily ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ a particular Task, with the ability to leave comments on the Task in question.

Intuitive Client Feedback Process

Clients can provide feedback on a Task by simply clicking one of two buttons, and typing a few words into the comment box (in the event of a client ‘Rejection’ of a Task, comments are required from them, so you know what needs to change).

The process is incredibly streamlined, meaning your clients will be able to adapt to the workflow very quickly, ensuring you get the feedback you need to continue with your Project in a timely manner.

Visible Approval Tags

From the main Tasks table, you can easily see what client Tasks have not been approved yet, as well as easily see what Tasks have been rejected (and see their corresponding comments).

From the client’s point-of-view, they can also easily see what Tasks they still need to provide feedback on thanks to the easy-to-read Approval tags, so you and your clients always know each other stands on particular Tasks and feedback.

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