Live Direct & Group Chat

When it comes to efficient communication, nothing beats instant. The built-in Live Chat functionality of SuiteDash allows you to seamlessly communicate with your internal staff members, both on a one-on-one basis, as well as in designated group channels. Because it is built directly into SuiteDash, that means the Live Chat is always available and visible no matter what page or menu you are in, and in-browser notifications means you won’t miss a new message even if you are browsing elsewhere.

Real-Time Team Chat

Live Chat in real-time with your staff, ensuring everyone stays up to date on any changes to workflow, updates to scheduling, and any other info that you need to disseminate to your team with no delay.

All of your internal users are able to access Live Chat, and you can setup specific group channels to allow special teams to communicate in unison.

One-on-One or Group Chat

As useful as one-on-one conversation can sometimes be, being able to communicate with multiple people simultaneously is just as important. That’s why SuiteDash Live Chat has both.

Easily chat with specific team members individually, and also optionally setup group chat channels for Live Chat with multiple staff at once.

This flexibility allows you to mold Live Chat to fit your specific needs, to best fit your desired workflow.


Built-in Browser Notifications

Never miss a new chat message, even when you are browsing in a different window or tab, with built-in browser notifications for Live Chat.

Using the default notification system of your preferred web browser, you will be notified whenever a new message is received, both in single person conversations as well as group chats, ensuring you never miss an important message.


Chat Sidebar Always Available

Because Live Chat is a built-in functionality of SuiteDash, that means it is visible and accessible everywhere in the app, no matter what page or menu you are on currently.

The chat sidebar, as well as any open chat windows you have, will carry over to any SuiteDash page you navigate to, ensuring you will always be only a click or two away from answering a question or checking in with your team about that current high-level prospect.

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