Secure Client Access Portal

Secure Messaging & Canned Responses

Communicate seamlessly with teammates, staff members, clients and other users privately and securely, 1-on-1 or in group messages. Like having your own private email inbox directly inside your dashboard. Organize messages into folders to ensure you never lose track of an important note or directive. Folders can be created and customized to fit your specific needs. Easily filter messages based on users involved, subject, or date, so that important messages are only a few clicks away. Automatic email notifications send to the corresponding users whenever a new private message is sent, ensuring that the intended recipient will know about the message.

Single or Group Message Chains

Send Secure Messages to a single client or internal staff member, or send mass messages out to multiple users all at once.

Recipients will only be able to see and respond to users they are permissioned to communicate with, so there is no risk of wires getting crossed and clients seeing each other’s details.

All Secure Messages are delivered to the recipients’ SuiteDash inbox, and they can easily read and respond just like they would a standard email.

Control who Clients can Message

Designate which members of your Staff/Team your Prospects/Clients are able to Message

Limit your Prospects/Clients to only be able to Message their Coordinator (Point of Contact)

Use Circles to set Messaging Permissons in bulk. Use Teams to assign your Staff in one powerful way.

Canned Message Responses

Canned Responses allow you to quickly answer common questions you receive in Secure Messages.

You can create multiple Canned Responses, and easily choose the desired one when responding to a message (or when sending a new message).

You can even set a specific Canned Response as ‘auto-add’, which will automatically fill that particular response into the message body whenever you go to send a new Secure Message, or respond to an existing message.


Keep Organized with Folders

Folders allow you to organize all of your inbox messages, ensuring that you never lose track of a specific note or important piece of info.

You can create and customize Private Message Folders to fit your needs, and move messages between Folders freely as needed.

Each user can create and manage their own set of Folders, allowing everyone to organize their Secure Messages to best fit their particular workflow.

Client Portal Software Integrations

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