Estimates, Invoices & Recurring Billing

Easily build out Estimates and Invoices on a one-time or recurring basis, using from scratch or pre-created ‘Items’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Discounts’. Invoices can be one-off creations, or you can setup ‘Recurring Profiles’ to automatically generate new Invoices and send them to the client on a schedule that you set. Clients can view and pay their assigned Invoices with their choice of gateways that you provide, ensuring payment processing is always done securely and safely.

One-Time Estimates & Invoices

Easily build and send out Estimates and Invoices to clients, using ‘Items’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Discounts’.

Clients receive automatic email notification of new Estimates/Invoices, and they can easily view and pay their Invoices right inside their portal using your choice of payment gateway.

You’ll be notified via email as soon as a client makes payment, and the payment will be automatically logged in the ‘Payments’ tab.

Optionally allow clients to make partial payments on their assigned Invoices, or require the full amount to be paid at one time.

Cloud-Based Proposals

Engage your Clients with a clean and professionally-designed Proposal

Your prospective Clients can view online without being logged in

Proposals can be converted directly into an Invoice for immediate payment

Seamlessly guide your Client through a sequence starting with a Proposal, followed by an Invoice, Contract, and Project

Recurring Invoice Profiles

Easily create a ‘Recurring Profile’ for Invoices, and populate the Profile with items, taxes, and discounts as desired.

Once the Profile is filled out to your liking, you can set the timeframe for it to recur (weekly, monthly, every 3 months, etc), and assign it to one or more clients.

Just setup the Recurring Profile once, and then sit back and let SuiteDash do the rest automatically.


A One-Stop overview of all Client Subscription Payments

View all subscription details, prices, and Clients who are on that Subscription Plan

Clients can view all of their Subscriptions in their Subscription Dashboard

Clients can change the Payment Method from their Subscription Dashboard

Clients can manually cancel any Subscription from their Subscription Dashboard

Time Tracking & Billing

Internal users can track time spent on particular Tasks or Projects, and then easily convert those completed Timers into billable ‘Items” that can be added directly to Invoices.

Timers provide an easy & intuitive way to keep track of time spent on ‘on-the-go’ tasks like client conference calls & work lunches.

Set default Hourly Rates for each user, and optionally hide it from that user if you don’t want them to know your billing amount for their work.

Easily convert Tasks from Projects directly into billable Items, and add them directly to Invoices.

Your Choice of Gateway

All client Invoice payments are processed through your choice of payment gateway, using your own merchant credentials, reducing as many barriers as possible and streamlining the payment and checkout process.

Seamless integration between SuiteDash and your chosen payment gateway ensures all payments are tracked, logged, and processed securely.

Stripe, Braintree, PayPal & Authorize.Net are currently supported in SuiteDash, with new gateways always in development and on the horizon for future integration.

Client Portal Software Integrations

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