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Client Portal Software

Powerful & Flexible Client Portal

Build a fully customized  Client Portal

Each Client will only have access to their information

Post files & documents for Clients to view & download

Create a complete ‘website like’ structure for your Clients

Clients can View & Pay Invoices online

Build Dynamic Data Dashboards

Pre-Built Dashboards & Pages get you going quickly

Dynamic Data Placeholders show the logged-in Client’s data

Set the ‘Start Page’ for a Client to see directly after login

Everything is fully responsive for tablets & phones

Use iFrames, YouTube, Vimeo or any embeddable widget

Dynamic Link Placeholders

Easily Build Dashboards with Dynamic Placeholders

Dashboard Links automatically adapt based on which Client is logged into the platform and viewing the Page

Direct Clients exactly where you want them to go

Customize what the Client can see

Completely control what your Prospects/Clients can see and do

You can easily hide any part of the platform that you’re not yet using so that Prospects/Client won’t see

The Announcements widget lets you offer a custom Welcome Message & information as to how you’ve setup the Portal to work

Use the translation feature if you want to modify menus/labels


You can enable the “Company First” option if you’re working primarily with Companies as your Clients.

If Company First mode is enabled, you can assign all Portal items, Projects, etc… to the Company directly. The “Primary Contact” will be the person at the Company who receives all email notifications and updates.

If that person leaves the company, you simply & easily assign a new Primary Contact. You won’t have the hassle of going in to re-assign dozens of projects, invoices, file shares, etc…


Easily create complex layouts and designs

Drag & Drop content blocks, photos, icons, etc…

Insert Dynamic Data placeholders using the built-in Point & Click Selector

All content can be made fully responsive, so it displays nicely all devices, including tablets and mobile devices

Built in Snippets & Template Library will be continually updated with fresh pre-built layouts & blocks


You can require payment to register & enter your Portal

One time payment OR a Recurring Subscription Payment

Works with all available payment gateways (No recurring subscription payments are possible via PayPal)

Dynamic Title placeholders to help identify payments

Portal access is blocked until payment is made & verified

White Label your Client Portal

Customize Client experience with your logo & colors

Customize all email notifications sent to your Clients & Staff

Replace the ‘SuiteDash’ URL with your Custom URL

Completely customize the Login Screen with your logo & colors

Your clients will not see the SuiteDash brand

“Magic Link” Login

Make it SUPER easy for your Clients to login

Clients don’t ever need to remember their password

Perfect for your TECHNOPHOBIC Clients. No more friction!

Clients just enter their email address & receive a link.

Simply clicking the link in email INSTANTLY logs them in.

* PINNACLE Plan only

Template Library

Gain access to pre-built Contracts, Proposals, and Email Marketing emails

With new releases from the SuiteDash community, there will always be fresh ideas to choose from

Preview of the Template, then download it directly to your platform

Create your own Templates and share them with the Community

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