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The SuiteDash client base is multi-national, and as a result of that diversity, not all of our customers communicate in the same language. While many SuiteDash customers are English speakers, many of their own staff and clientele are not, and the ability to offer additional language options is something we have worked towards from the very beginning.

With the Translation functionality built directly into SuiteDash, you have the ability to fully customize the text that appears in your environment, allowing you to translate every menu item, dropdown, table header, notification message, and all other text throughout SuiteDash. All of this can be done through an easy to use and searchable interface, where each default text string is displayed with the option to replace it with your own custom language.

While the primary function of this feature is to translate to a different language, it also has the added secondary benefit of allowing for custom titles and labels. Do you call Projects “Jobs” or “Cases” in your workflow? The Translation functionality allows you to easily replace the default labels with your own, so your SuiteDash environment can match the nomenclature you and your team are already familiar with.

In addition to this powerful functionality, you also have the option to make your SuiteDash environment “multi-lingual”. With a simple checkbox setting, you can allow your individual users to set their own language, choosing between the default English, or your own custom text. This means you could have both English and Spanish (or French, or German, or Dutch) translations, and your users could switch freely between the two on a personal level with just a few clicks!

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