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    Predone or Community Translations
    4 weeks agoopen0
    I love that SuiteDash can be translated into other languages, but I run two organizations that both need it translated into another language (Romanian). Could you make either predone or community-based translations for SuiteDash? It would help our process a lot.
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    Send recieve emails before creating client an account
    4 months agoopen0
    Ideally I would like to send a welcome email once a prospect becomes a client. As of now if I import my leads I am unable to talk with them inside the system unless they have an account. (Same for existing clients). Example if before I sent you this email... How would you respond if you got an email saying can you login here first to read the email message I want to send you? and you are just a prospect at this point.If i talk with you on another platform... you become a customer...and then I create you an account none, of my previous conversations are transferred over to the crm either.It's seems difficult to communicate with someone unless they have an account even by watching videos on marketing emails it's more of just send out but do not any two way communication.It would be great to send out emails to members that do not currently have an account then we can create an account as needed
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    Assign Questionnaires link Directly to Client
    5 months agoopen0
    Build unique questionnaires with DPP, custom text fields, checkboxes, and required sections to gather all of the client’s information you need and link it into clients' forms folder.
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    Link DPP [invoice:invoiceNumber]
    5 months agoopen0
    To Work Order Contract
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    Funnel Builder
    5 months agoopen0
    I would like to see a funnel builder within Suite Dash
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    Add New Folder option for Media directory
    5 months agoopen0
    Having an add New Folder option for Media directory will allow organizing of media used in building and updating the portal pages. This file structure would be visible when adding media to a portal page.
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    Overall search functionality
    5 months agoopen0
    It would be good if you could search in the main page. Right now you have to open the Files section or the My tasks section. This is not how it should work. Users should be able to search right away from the Dashboard.
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    Time Blocking? Internal Meetings?
    6 months agoopen0
    Maybe I missed it, but I don't currently see an easy way to create a block of time in my calendar (or staff's calendar) for a specific type of task or work focus. Time blocking is a common way to improve productivity and avoid distractions.What about internal meetings between staff? I don't see a way to do that either.
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    Default CRM Sort Option
    8 months agoopen0
    Instead of companies being sorted by the last added company, allow to define a default sort such as alphabetically by company name rather than doing manually each time
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    Dynamic Fields for Roles and Name of pages
    9 months agoopen1
    In order to provide a full white-label experience, there should be the ability to change the name of roles (in order to fit many more different industries) the same way we can change the name of pages.Also, implementation of dynamic fields so that they match the name of the pages on the menu.For example, if I change the name menu from 'Projects' to 'Applications' or 'Estimates' to 'Quotes' the rest of the platform continues to use the native labels.Which can confide clients when the menu says one thing, but then notification emails and section has a different label.