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    Font Family and Size
    4 weeks agoopen0
    I would love to be able to customize the font family and size all over the platform. Customize typography for Portal Pages, Forms, Menus, Emails to name the most important sections. Having this feature would help us match the style of the platform with the company.
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    Change Link or Slug Name To Match Translations Phrase
    4 weeks agoopen0
    When using the beta Translations feature, I use the term "Agreements" as opposed to "Contracts" so my customers will be presented with a more friendly interface and terminology. The words we choose in the "Translations" feature remain constant throughout the platform, BUT, unfortunately, the word "contract" is still in the slug. Can we customize the URL to match our Translations word choice?
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    Allow menu items to be customizable by circle
    6 months agoopen0
    It would be great if you could customize menus by circle. Have an new-client circle, for instance, that only shows a very basic level of navigation. Then once they complete a particular flow, it moves them to full client status and the full menu opens up for them. And yes, I realize that you can create an onboarding flow, but requiring someone to fill out a CRM update form and sign a contract when you're still at the estimate / quote stage doesn't really work for a lot of businesses.
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    Custom Menu Items: Icon upload
    6 months agoopen0
    The current custom menu item icon list is limited... please either consider expanding to a full icon set or allow us to upload our own
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    Custom Pages as Menu Items instead of Sub-Menu Items of "Pages"
    6 months agoopen1
    If we could make the custom pages a straight up menu item. As it is now, customer must click "Pages" then "whatever is set as Page Category" then the "Page Title"
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    Dynamic Fields for Roles and Name of pages
    9 months agoopen1
    In order to provide a full white-label experience, there should be the ability to change the name of roles (in order to fit many more different industries) the same way we can change the name of pages.Also, implementation of dynamic fields so that they match the name of the pages on the menu.For example, if I change the name menu from 'Projects' to 'Applications' or 'Estimates' to 'Quotes' the rest of the platform continues to use the native labels.Which can confide clients when the menu says one thing, but then notification emails and section has a different label.
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    Re-order Menu items // Role-specific setting
    1 year agocompleted0
    Feature would allow you to choose a role from a selector, and then reorder the menu items for that role