Telegram and Slack Integration

4 months agoopen0

The biggest weakness of SuiteDash is that it’s isolated from native desktop and mobile apps, requiring users to login to the web app to receive notifications and communicate with staff members and clients. This is inefficient and inconvenient.

I understand that due to the white labeling feature, it’s not possible to create a native SuiteDash mobile app. The solution is to integrate with Telegram and Slack. It’s easy to create a Telegram bot, so each company could have its own bot. The bot would enable users to receive notifications, manage projects and tasks and communicate with staff members and clients using a native desktop or mobile app.

To get an idea of how this could work, check out Re: plain, which is a website live support chat that’s built entirely on Telegram. It doesn’t even have a web UI, because all functions take place inside of Telegram. I’m certainly not suggesting that you abandon your web UI, but you could easily create a Telegram and Slack UI that would duplicate most or all of the web functionality within these native apps.

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