Show Quickbooks Existing Invoices/Receipts in Suitedash

3 months agoopen0

Hi team,

I do understand the current integration is ONE way from SuiteDash —> Quickbooks and not the other way around.

Yet, I already use Quickbooks online and do NOT plan on leaving it anytime soon. It’s just too convenient for me to keep it, and my accounant uses it, and I use all the automatic/recurring payments and invoices that it offers. Plus, includes payment reminderes, and “quickbooks payments” (Via ACH, with no fees). So I’m keeping it

What I’d like to do, is to show my clients’ invoices inside the Suitedash “Client portal” that I can build for my clients, so that they can login to their SuiteDash to view/download any past or current invoices. If they’re unpaid, they could click a link to “pay”, etc…

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