Send recieve emails before creating client an account


Ideally I would like to send a welcome email once a prospect becomes a client.
As of now if I import my leads I am unable to talk with them inside the system unless they have an account.
(Same for existing clients).
Example if before I sent you this email…
How would you respond if you got an email saying can you login here first to read the email message I want to send you? and you are just a prospect at this point.

If i talk with you on another platform… you become a customer…and then I create you an account none, of my previous conversations are transferred over to the crm either.

It’s seems difficult to communicate with someone unless they have an account even by watching videos on marketing emails it’s more of just send out but do not any two way communication.

It would be great to send out emails to members that do not currently have an account then we can create an account as needed

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