Pages: Add Roles to “Manage Visibility”

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I disabled the Dashboard for all roles, except for Admin, because I wanted to use “Pages” to serve as the Starting Page after a client/prospects login. The ability to create “Category/Menu Group” in Pages and to assign it as “Start Page” makes Pages better than the Dashboard to create “Start Here”, “Step 1”, “Step 2”, “Step 3” etc. for clients to follow.

In Menu Item, I edited the name of “Pages” to “Start Here” and moved it to the second row but the change was only visible to me the Admin, not to my client. My client still sees “Pages” (Not “Start Here”) at the bottom (Not at the top) of her Menu Item client portal.

For “Pages”, please make “Manage Visibility” possible for other roles, especially for Clients, Prospect, Circles, Teammate. When clients login, the first thing they see is the assigned “Start Page”, but it’s confusing to clients when the Admin is unable to Edit the Page Name and position it to the top of the Menu Item for easy navigation.
Unfortunately, the ability to Edit Page Name & moving it to the preferred row is only viewable to Super Admin & Admin, which limits & lacks flexibility for other roles. Please make Pages “Manage Visibility” more flexible for other roles.

Liz at SuiteDash suggest I use “Customize the Menu”, however “the new link (custom) won’t show the “Category/Menu Group & Menu Title” and won’t be as neatly organized as the dynamic pages menu.

Please add Page “Manage Visibility” to include options for other roles (Client, Prospects, Class).

Thank you!

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